2-Step Verification without Phone Done Easily

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Using a Fake Phone Number for 2-Step Verification without a Phone

Embracing technology can, unfortunately, mean exposing ourselves to cybercriminals who engage in illicit activities like stealing passwords, installing malware, etc.

To protect users, most accounts now require users to have 2-step verification (2FA). That way, even if someone hacked into your account, they can't do much without the phone number used for the specific account.

Without the phone number, nobody would be able to access that account. With DoNotPay, you can now bypass 2FA using a fake phone number. Through the burner phone numbers that DoNotPay generates, you can use .

Why Do People Use Burner Phones?

A burner phone is an inexpensive, disposable cell phone that can be used for short periods. However, burner phones have certain limitations, such as not having a great camera or not having a great speed and other features associated with smartphones.

Some people wrongly assume that people who buy burner phones want to use them exclusively for criminal activities. In reality, people use burner phones to keep their communication private and anonymous.

Some users don 't want social media accounts to spam their real phone numbers with texts about offers, so they prefer fake phone numbers for verification. Some accounts that need 2-step verification include:

Social MediaSnapchat, Instagram, Facebook
Messaging AppsWhatsApp, Google, Microsoft
Other AppsPayPal, Apple ID

Why Do Accounts Require 2-Step Verification?

If an attacker knows your password, they can access your account on any system that does not have 2-step verification enabled since the account has nothing but the password to stop them from signing in like you.

2-step verification (also known as '2-step authentication' or 'multifactor authentication') provides an additional automatic check when you sign in to make sure it's you.

This way, even if someone finds out your password, they can't get in. It works by sending you an SMS message with a code, letting you sign in only when someone logs in who has both your password and phone.

How to Get Past 2-step Verification without a Phone

There are several strategies to avoid 2-step phone verification that people use, including:

  1. Use Google Voice: It gives you a free US number that you can use to receive messages to unlock your accounts. As a caution, you cannot use Google Voice on your Google-related accounts.
  2. Trusted Devices: When setting up my iPhone, it asks for a 2-step verification code. However, to avoid using 2-step verification all the time, you can add an Apple device that will not ask for verification again, such as your iMac.
  3. Back-up codes: How to double authenticate without a phone through Google can be done by using backup codes. These are codes that can be used as a substitute for your phone when you don't have it. You can then disable the 2-step verification.
  4. Verizon Universal Messaging System: This is an option when people sign in to Verizon accounts and they don't have access to their phone.
  5. Mobile App: You can use a program like Authy or Google Authenticator to run on your phone and store codes.
  6. Burner phones: You can also set up a 2-step verification using a temporary phone number, provided it can receive messages.

Potential Issues of Getting Past 2-Step Verification without a Phone

There are several challenges when using alternatives to bypass 2-step verifications. These include:

  • Losing the burner phone that was used to set up the 2-step verification.
  • The phone can receive verification messages. Unknown numbers might be blocked or the phone is switched to flight mode.
  • Some sites have advanced technology to bar users from using fake numbers.
  • You can easily forget your fake number.

Whatever the issue, DoNotPay can help. Our support team is responsive and alert to all the concerns raised by our clients. Additionally, you can reach us any time of the day.

Use DoNotPay to Bypass 2-Step Verification without a Phone

As expected, several apps offer fake phone numbers all over the internet. However, their services aren't worth all the hype. Luckily, with DoNotPay's Burner Phone features, you have access to a temporary phone number that can be used for . Once you set up the 2-step verifications, you can add other modes like backup codes for future use. You can use as many numbers as you want to create 2-step verifications on different online accounts.

All you have to do is follow the instructions on our app:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Burner Phone Product.
  2. Click on "Create a Temporary Number."
  3. DoNotPay will generate a new burner number that you can use for subscriptions, dating apps, and any service that requires verification or confirmation texts.
  4. Once the code is received, DoNotPay will display the code or message you received for that number.
  5. This number is intended for one-time use only and will be deleted after ten minutes .

While some companies offer fake phone number services that don 't work and expect you to pay $50, through DoNotPay, you can get countless burner phones per month.

Virtual Credit Cards for Free Trials

Apart from offering burner phones, we also know you need virtual credit cards for your online accounts and subscriptions. Again, many companies offer virtual credit cards, but they start deducting money (without informing you). Thankfully, with DoNotPay, we will never deduct any money without your involvement.

What Else Does DoNotPay Do?

There are a lot of things that DoNotPay is capable of. These include:

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