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How to Easily Reach TDS Customer Service

TDS provides you and your family a reliable, affordable, high-speed internet, TV, and home phone services. Connecting people and businesses is the main objective of TDS telecom company. The company is initiating and launching fiber internet to help communities grow and develop. TDS customer service ensures that clients get quality service and all their customer's problems are attended to.

TDS provides high-speed internet and premium Wi-Fi, including fiber and all-digital TV packages such as DVR options. It also includes home phone packages with advanced features, making it easier for you to find the best package of your choice. Thus, there is no doubting that TDS products are widely used by American customers and across the globe.

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TDS Support Contact Number and Email

provides a 24/7 convenient TDS technical support avenue to handle questions and concerns from customers. The platform is divided into different categories based on customers' issues.

To reach TDS customer service, you have to choose from the following topics based on your main problems.

Residential Products and Services

Under this, customers have to select from the following topics:

  1. Sales and Account Problems: for instance, requesting channel features requires you to fill out a form or contact 1-88-225-5837 for repair and 1-855-220-2592 for sales and account questions. TDS customer support receives sales and account questions from Monday to Saturday, providing 24/7 repair or technical support services.
  2. Residential Sales: this is a platform used by clients looking for details about TDS products, promotions, and billing questions. This option enables you to have a chat with a TDS sales advisor.
  3. Residential Repair: this option is for customers encountering challenges with TDS services. Through residential repair platforms, you will chat with a repair advisor.
  4. Residential Contact Form: targets clients interested in knowing TDS products, pricing criteria, and general account questions.

Business Product and Services

From this category, TDS has topics like:

  • Call TDS Business Repair: you can contact a TDS repair expert via 1-88-225-5837
  • General Business Questions: this platform handles non-urgent questions. You can channel your concerns, and TDS customer support will answer within 2 business days.
  • Quotes Request: provides accurate quotes for clients who are in need

For general duties, TDS uses the following phone numbers and emails:

  • Customer Service: (844) 322-8832 or (855) 220-2592
  • Media: (608)664-2388, (6068)664-4836, or (608) 664-1096
  • Technical Support: (888)225-5837
  • TDS Telecom Email

TDS customer service calls are approximately 128 calls with 6% resolution. Most clients use customer support for payments and charges, activation cancellations, product and service inquiries.

Where to Find Quick Help for Your TDS Problems

Since TDS provides internet, phone, and TV packages, the company ensures that its products have a user guide and contact details on where to find quick assistance in case of technical issues.

Internet Support ServicesInternet device products from TDS require customers to have adequate bandwidth to simultaneously support an unlimited number of devices. Because customers may find it hard to adapt to some devices, TDS ensures that they get user guides that give the steps to follow when setting up these products. And in case of difficulties, the company provides (888) 225-5837 for quick technical assistance.
Modem SupportTDS provides instructions on how to set up a modem. These instructions ensure that you correctly set up your device for use, and in case of any problem in setting up your wireless network, you can visit the TDS setup website. Besides, you can use the platform if you find it hard to configure your email during DSL modem setup.
Network Support (Wi-Fi)Walls, fish tanks, and microwaves can interfere with the speed of your Wi-Fi. If you encounter such a challenge and have a covering problem around your house, you can feel free to contact technical support at (888)225-5837.
TDS Dial-UpAll TDS products and devices come with internet services Dial-up phone numbers are mainly from a local call. In case of any challenges or technicalities with the TDS product, you can consult your area local telephone operator that helps you determine the dial-up within your location.

TDS Corporate Address

Below is TDS Telecom corporate office address:

TDS Telecom

525 Junction Road,

Madison, Wisconsin 53717

United States

TDS Telecom deals with technological devices that require expertise to repair or respond to questions. TDS customer service details and user guides are too complicated to understand. Moreover, they are confusing, prone to delays due to phone queues.

The company also has a timeframe for some customer support services, limiting clients on when and how fast they should submit their problems for resolution. It thus remains that the channel you use is a great determiner of your success in solving your issue.

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