Is Square Cash Virtual Debit Card the Right One for You?

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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Square Cash Virtual Debit Card

Adding enables you to access your balance and spend your funds using the card. With the card, you can gain access to your credit funds even when you have not received your physical card. A virtual debit card number grants you the opportunity to make online purchases as well as wait for the real debit card.

You can use your square virtual debit card to subscribe to online free trials. Some amount will be deducted from your card if the trial phase has ended, and unluckily you did not cancel your subscription. Some of these enticing free trial offers come from streaming services like Hulu or a subscription to BarkBox.

You don't have to give away your square virtual debit card information when subscribing to online free services- you can get real free trials and fail to be charged using a DoNotPay Virtual Credit card.

Learn How a Square Cash Virtual Debit Card Works

Square Cash is a card connected to your square balance, which allows you to spend your square money internationally. Ordering your card is absolutely free, and so is using the card for making purchases.

You can order your square credit card in two ways:

  • Square App
  • Online square dashboard
Order Square Cash Virtual Card ThruSteps
Square AppFollow these steps:
  1. Update your square App to the recent version
  2. Go to the square balance tab
  3. Click, create a free square card
  4. Verify your details, including your business name. Please note that square cards are only issued to their real account owners for security purposes.
  5. Proceed to verify your account
  6. Confirm your shipping address
  7. Create your 4-digit PIN
Using Online Square Board
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the balance tab on menu
  3. Choose "get your square card
  4. Provide your details
  5. Customize your card
  6. Verify your shipping address

You will receive your square card within 7 -10 days.

Learn How to Activate Your Square Card

Once you have received your square card, you can proceed to activate it either from your online square dashboard or App- the steps are the same:

  • Go to your Square App or online square dashboard
  • Activate your physical card and enter a code that is provided in your email address
  • After account verification, you are supposed to enter your card manually

What Are the Square Card Spending Limits?

The maximum amount you can spend with your card is $10,000 for every transaction you make. The maximum amount you can spend using the card is $25000 per day, $50 000 weekly, and $15000 monthly.

When you use the card to withdraw funds from the ATM, the maximum amount you can withdraw is up to $500 for every translation you make, $1000 daily, and $2000 monthly.

After withdrawing your funds from the ATM, the ATM will show that your remaining balance is 0.00, which will not be correct. Go to your square card account balance section to check your card's real balance. Take note that square card will not charge any ATM fee after making a withdrawal, but ATM providers might charge you.

Learn About the Drawbacks of Using Virtual Credit Card

Though virtual credit card makes your online purchase easy, it has disadvantages associated with them which include:

  • Availability is limited. You can't use it everywhere
  • Prone to Fraud
  • They are not necessary
  • Not Ideal for recurring payments

Availability Is Limited

Not all major banks, including Chase, American Express, and more offer virtual credit cards, making them an unreliable tool. Only a few large firms like Bank of America and Citibank offer virtual credit cards.

You Can't Use It Everywhere

It is not applicable everywhere; for instance, you cannot use it when you have to pick up any item physically, since the number on the virtual card will not be the same as the one on the physical card. You cannot access services such as renting a car, movies, among other services.

Fraud Prone

In this case, you forget to indicate a time limit as well as a payment limit; some vendors might take advantage of it and extort you. There are many stories of vendors charging virtual cards above the spending limit.

Not Necessary

Virtual credit cards are just an added advantage and offer zero liability for any online fraud; hence not a safe transaction method.

Not Ideal for Recurring Payments

They expire faster than your physical card, and therefore, you cannot attach your recurring bills, such as the internet or mobile bills. A virtual credit card can only be used in specific situations, like when you want to avoid automatic renewal.

Learn the Benefits of Virtual Credit Cards

Many companies have shifted to virtual cards due to the advantages that come with them, including:

  1. Convenience. They are more convenient than physical cards since they enable you to make easy and fast payments.
  2. Spending controls. You can set your daily, weekly, or monthly spending, enabling you to spend wisely.
  3. Subscription management. You can take charge of all your company subscriptions and be able to see whether any of your merchants overcharge you.

Why You Should Use DoNotPay's Virtual Trial Card

DoNotPay's virtual card ranks among the best since it:

  1. Automatically cancels subscription for you
  2. Approves free trial automatically
  3. Generates a random credit number for you
  4. Do not approve other unknown charges

What Else DoNotPay Can Do for You

Our platform can also help you learn about virtual credit cards, generate credit cards approving virtual credit cards, and get a credit card with no deposit. Avoid unplanned charges from your square cash using DoNotPay! today and let us do it for you.

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