Disputing Parking Tickets in Somerville, MA

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Dispute Somerville parking tickets in a matter of seconds

Why trouble yourself with unnecessary paperwork, lawyers, courts, and hearings when you can let a AI Consumer Champion take care of your business in a matter of seconds for free? With the DoNotPay app, disputing a parking citation has never been faster and easier.

Somerville parking infractions are incredibly easy to contest

An astonishing success rate of 74%, the DoNotPay app has so far managed to refute hundreds of thousands of parking tickets all over the US. As Business Insider reported, the exact number of beaten infractions is 160, 000 and counting. DoNotPay doesn’t help you rebut citations only in your city, but in any city in the country.

Appealing citations takes less than 120 seconds

As Somerville is one of the most populous cities in New England, with one vehicle for 1.6 residents, parking facilities, regulations, and policies are taken seriously. It is incredibly hard to find a free parking space but the government is conducting necessary actions to build more parking facilities and reduce any violations.

To avoid potential problems with parking, locals usually apply for an annual resident parking permit which costs around $40 depending on the area, and the time of the issuance of the permit. Apart from this permit, Somervillians have to be attentive to the signs on the streets as the City regularly cleans them from April to December and they notify the residents in advance. Also, during the winter, they plow the streets so take care of your vehicle and behave accordingly. If people from other cities are coming to visit by car, then they have to apply for a visitor parking pass too.

If even after these precautions you get fined somewhere in Somerville, there is no need to worry as you can easily contest your parking ticket in less than two minutes. With the DoNotPay app, it takes a few easy to follow steps to appeal your infraction:

  • Use the DoNotPay app directly on your
  • Answer a couple of short and easy questions about the citation you want to appeal
  • Upload a photo of your infraction
  • And there you have it, the app generated the list of arguments you can use to rebut your parking ticket

The whole process doesn’t last longer than 120 seconds and you can dispute your ticket from your chair, bed, car instead of wasting time on paperwork and court hearings.

Paying and rebutting to Somerville parking citations can be done online within 21 days of their issuance. Upon appealing to an infraction, it will take the Parking Department 4 to 6 weeks to reach a decision and notify you in written form.

Watch how to dispute parking citations in any city

Is beating an infraction really worth the trouble?

Contesting a citation is totally worth it. Why pay the fine when you can dispute it and win, or considerably reduce it? You never know when you can win but with the success rate of the DoNotPay app, your chances of succeeding are significantly increased.

There are two ways to refute an infraction. You can do it either online or via mail. Online allows attaching up to three documents to support the appeal, while by mail, you have to send your ticket, documents to validate the claims, and a signed operator statement to Parking Department, 133 Holland Street, Somerville, MA 02144.

Rebutting a penalty successfully in Somerville is just as hard as in any other city in the US. But there had been numerous win cases and the residents had to go to great lengths to make it happen. Some of their appeals were rejected and they took the whole matter to the Mayor’s office. Ultimately, some of them were reduced or removed from those residents’ accounts. These people spent so much time and effort trying to dispute their tickets and it was worth the trouble.

With the DoNotPay app, this procedure is simple. You are a few clicks away from contesting a citation. The whole process takes a couple of minutes and your ticket will get disputed or considerably reduced. This app saves you time, money, and trouble.

How much time does DoNotPay save?

To contest a parking infraction takes time, money, patience, and effort. Like any other process, there are steps to follow:

  1. Gathering all the evidence you can find to support your claims
  2. Submitting them online
  3. Or mailing them, in which case it takes a while for the Parking Department to receive the appeal
  4. Waiting 4-6 weeks for the authorities to notify you about the hearing date

As you can see, the process is too complex, that is why only 5% of tickets get disputed, while the rest usually get paid because people avoid dealing with such complicated and difficult procedures.

DoNotPay is a highly efficient app that is also cost-effective. With our application, you can upload all your evidence to one place, since, with a few clicks and a few minutes to spare, it manages to favorably appeal the selected infraction, or at least reduce it considerably. All you have to do is download it, insert information and the picture of the ticket in question, and the app generates the arguments to help you dispute the citation.

Will DoNotPay help me fight parking tickets from private companies?

Thanks to being one of the most densely populated cities, Somerville has huge problems with the lack of government-owned parking facilities. Private parking companies have used this to their favor and now owns several private parking spaces in the town. Unable to find a proper parking lot even with a resident parking permit, locals unwillingly leave their vehicles in the area owned by a private company. Some of the most frequent private parking companies currently in the US are the following:

  1. Douglas Parking
  2. SP+ or Standard Parking
  3. Lanier Parking
  4. Towne Park
  5. ABM Parking Services
  6. Imperial Parking
  7. Laz Parking
  8. Ace Parking

When Somervillians get fined from a private parking company, DoNotPay app comes to the rescue in that situation as well, as it can be used not only to fight the government fines, but also those received from private parking companies. Besides, it absolutely doesn’t matter in which city in the US you got a parking fine you can dispute it with the DoNotPay application.

Do I need a lawyer to dispute a parking citation in the city of Somerville?

You don’t need a lawyer to contest an infraction in Somerville. The City government and the Parking Department have simplified the appeal process so an individual alone, with necessary documents, can beat the parking ticket. However, since this is a thing involving authorities, some people feel more comfortable in the presence of an attorney whose job is to deal with such cases Hiring an adequate lawyer is demanding. You have to:

  • Make a list of candidates who have a successful previous history with disputing parking tickets in Somerville
  • Schedule a meeting with them and see how much their services cost
  • Decide if it is worth your money and whether you can actually afford it
  • Pay attention to any red flags during the selection
  • Hire the best candidate and pay them a lot of money by the hour

There is no need to go to such lengths and waste your money and time. DoNotPay app relies on artificial intelligence to handle parking tickets. The world’s first AI Consumer Champion is capable of helping people overcome everyday issues so they can use their time and money more productively.

How much does a parking ticket lawyer cost in Somerville?

Residents of Somerville don’t usually hire parking citation attorneys to dispute their tickets as they generally decide to pay them, instead of contesting them. But in case they need representation during their court hearing, since traffic and parking infractions fall under the category of the civil offense, they will have to pay somewhere between $100 and $400 per hour.

Why would anyone pay so much money when they can download the DoNotPay app for free and let it beat their fine without any cost? In a couple of minutes, the whole process of contesting a parking ticket can be finished solely with our app.

How do I pay for the Somerville, MA parking fine?

There are four ways to pay for the citation if decided not to appeal to it and those are:

  1. Online - the infraction can be paid online on the Parking Department’s website. Still, there are some things to be taken into account. To pay for the citation, a valid Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card is needed, along with the fine or license plate number. No spaces or hyphens are to be inserted in these numbers. If there is the smallest doubt the ticket may have been issued as an error, it is better not to pay for it, but appeal, since once the infraction is paid, the right of beating it is waved.
  2. By mail - Use a money order or check and include both the license plate number and the ticket number. Put 'Somerville Parking Clerk' as the receiver, and mail it to: City of Somerville PO Box 9102 Somerville, MA 02143-9102
  3. By phone - call 1-844-807-9069 to pay by phone using a valid credit or debit card
  4. In person - head off to the Parking Department in person and pay the fine with a credit or debit card, cash, money order, or check, in 133 Holland Street, Somerville, MA 02144. From Monday to Wednesday, they work from 9 am to 4 pm, on Thursdays from 9 am to 7 pm, and on Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm.

If the Somerville Police issued a handwritten infraction to you, it is useful to know that these tickets cannot be paid online or by phone, but only by mail or in person. If you have any additional questions, contact 311 for help.

Pay or dispute?

PayOnline, by phone and in person are much simpler than by mail as it will take them to receive the payment at least a couple of days. From 3 days to a few weeksNo consequences
DisputeIncredibly easyWith DNP, a matter of secondsYou won’t have to pay the fine or at least pay a significantly reduced amount

What happens if I don’t pay for my ticket?

Upon receiving a parking fine, you have to pay or appeal to your citation within 21 days of the issuance of the ticket. If this deadline passes, and you neglect your infraction, you will face certain consequences such as:

  • Addition of late fees to the original amount by each day that passes until you pay
  • An automatic appeal hearing
  • Reception of late notice and an appeal date 45 days after the ticket was issued

If you collect five or more unpaid citations whose hearings are overdue, that vehicle and every other you own will be booted. You have 48h to remove the boot by paying the entire sum you owe along with the boot removal fee of $97. In case you fail to lift the boot in this timeframe, your vehicle will be towed until you settle all your debts with the additional towing fee of $106, and the storage fee of $35.

Do parking infractions go on my record?

Unlike traffic and speeding citations, parking infractions do not go on the driver’s record in the State of Massachusetts. However, they do go on the financial record of the owner of the vehicle and at some point, if they pile up, it can be reported to the DMV, which could trigger some serious consequences. You won’t be able to get the renewal sticker and much more.

Can my car insurance go up?

Parking tickets, unless piled up, don’t affect your car insurance as traffic and speeding infractions do because they aren’t considered as moving violations. If you pay them on time, avoid piling them, and if the local authorities don’t report it to the DMV, you will be just fine. Not to test your luck, it is best to pay them on time or dispute them as soon as you get them.

Do I need to pay parking fines I receive while driving out of state?

No matter where you get fined, you have to pay the citation and settle your debts. Most cities allow online payments or by phone, mail, so make sure to pay them and avoid any repercussions that may ensue in the future. Luckily, with the DoNotPay app, you can dispute your infraction in any city in the US in just a couple of minutes.

Do I have to pay for the tickets I get in a rental car?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter whether the car is yours or a rental, the parking infraction must be paid. According to Hertz, in case you don’t personally pay for the citation, they will do it for you by charging your credit card for the exact amount of the fine along with the administrative fee which usually revolves somewhere around $45. If you don’t pay the fines, Hertz will charge you an additional fee of up to $100.

How much does Somerville make from parking tickets?

Parking tickets are the largest source of income in this town. In 2018, Somerville managed to cash in $5 million solely in parking revenue which is $145 000 higher than the previous year. It is expected that this income will continue to grow in the following years.

DoNotPay helps users fight and beat tickets in any city

DoNotPay helps users fight parking tickets in every city in the US and UK. Here are a few cities we've helped users dispute the most tickets in:

What else can DoNotPay do?

Apart from disputing parking tickets, this app can also:

To summarize

It is super easy to beat parking ticketsWith DNP, it has never been easier
It takes less than 120 seconds to fight themYes, only a couple of minutes with our app
Contesting a citation is worth the hassleAbsolutely, as it can result in its complete dismissal or reduction with the DNP app
Does DoNotPayreally save time? Everything is done in a matter of seconds
What about private parking companies?No problem with them. DNP fights both types of parking infractions.
Do I need a lawyer?Not per se. Only if you feel more comfortable. But with the AI Consumer Champion, no need for a real attorney.
Are parking lawyers expensive?The real ones are, but the AI Consumer Champion is free
Pay or dispute?Always dispute although people usually pay.
What about not paying the fine? It is better to pay them if you don’t want to dispute them with the DNP app
Will parking tickets show on my record? Not if you pay them
What about insurance? They have no effect on insurance
And do I have to pay infractions from other states? Of course. With the DNP, you can dispute them in any city in the US.
Even in a rental car?Yes. If you don't, the insurance company will.
How much the city makes in parking tickets?It’s their largest source of income.

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