What's Sam's Club's Customer Service Number

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Contact Sam’s Club Customer Service Number the Easy Way

You’ll find that most times when trying to get through customer service, it is never for a good reason. Either your credit card’s been declined, an appliance broke down, and you need to get it fixed, or you need urgent instructions on activating a company’s services. But what can add frustration during your time of need is having to wait on hold for minutes on end before being connected to a live human customer service representative.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what to expect when seeking (or any other company, really). The good thing is that you don’t have to stay glued to your phone anymore, waiting for a response that might never come. DoNotPay is here to the rescue.

Think of DoNotPay as your personal secretary. Only in this case, we’ll perform the role of calling customer service for you and taking your spot in the waiting line. The moment a customer service representative picks up, DoNotPay will notify you so you can explain the issue yourself. Let’s see how.

Sam’s Club Contact Information

One of the major factors that may hinder you from getting through to customer service is attempting to reach them through the wrong number. At the moment, has various numbers to handle their different services, including credit cards or travel.

For general assistance, you can reach them through:

Sam’s Club Phone Number

Contact Number1-800-964-1917
Contact Number (for international calls)614-534-1997
Customer Email Addressservice@samsclubcontacts.com

Note that the customer service number above is not toll-free. You will be charged normal calling rates. The number is also active only during Sam’s Club working hours. You can use the email address to ask any questions on sales. It is available 24/7. And you can expect to receive a reply within 24 hours.

Corporate Location

If you want to send Sam’s Club a letter or serve them with a lawsuit, you need a physical address to address the mail. At the moment, Sam’s Club has two locations.

Corporate office address702 Southwest 8th Street Bentonville

AR 72716 United States

Warehouse address3500 SE Club Blvd, Bentonville

AR 72712 United States

Why Contact Sam’s Club

When people try to contact Sam’s Club customer service, it is usually for a few common reasons. It can be that you are:

  • Buying a new club membership
  • Changing some aspects of their already existing membership
  • Enquiring about Sam’s Club membership benefits
  • Troubleshooting or seeking technical support
  • Checking the status of their orders
  • Starting the exchange or refund process

How Can I Get Help From Sam’s Club Faster?

Making a phone call or sending mail is the most renowned means of getting through to Sam’s Club customer service. As such, you are bound to get a lot of traffic. If you want quick service, you’d be better off going on the road less traveled, which in this case, is social media.

This can either be through their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page.

Usually, companies faster address complaints that are publicly made. You can start by stating your issue on their public forum, and a representative should contact you through direct messaging. Always be careful not to share any personal information that can be seen by just anyone on their public platform.

What if Sam’s Club Refuses to Help You?

Although very rarely, Sam’s Club might sometimes fail to address or solve your concern. It might be that they’ve refused to admit to a mistake or give you a refund or another service owed to you. In this case, you can send demand letters to them in small claims court. If you don’t know where to start filing a court case, DoNotPay can lend a helping hand.

We will do it by:

  1. First, generating a demand letter for you and sending it to Sam’s Club(hoping to settle it out of court)
  2. If this doesn’t work, we will get you started with the process of filing a case in court and filling out the respective forms
  3. After filling out the forms, we will help you make the official complaint
  4. We’ll then assist you in serving Sam’s Club with a notice
  5. Finally, we will help you make your case in court by drafting a script for you.

Contact Sam’s Club Easily With the Help of DoNotPay

Having to wait for hours on hold is one thing nobody should have to go through in this day and age. It is not only frustrating, but it can steal precious time from your day that you’d have spent doing more productive things. If you value your precious time, DoNotPay is here to assist.

With DoNotPay, you can forget about waiting on hold. Our ‘skip waiting on hold service’ is designed specifically to get you through to a support agent in an instant. We will call the service number for you and inform you the moment a representative picks up so you can explain your problem to them.

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DoNotPay Can Help Connect You With the Customer Service of Any Company

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