How to Sign Up for QQ Register Without Phone Number Verify

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QQ Bypass Phone Verification Gives You Access to Tencent QQ

Tencent QQ is a web portal and instant messaging software service. Membership opens the door to movies, voice chat software, online games, and more. As of the latest count, QQ had 647.6 million active accounts.

The developer, Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd., requires a valid phone number for account registration. Since Alexa identifies it as being the world's fourth most-popular website, with daily 3.9 page views per visitor, users are happy to comply.

Those who wish to become members must complete a verification and authentication protocol.

Why People Prefer to Use Burner Phones

QQ wants you to provide your phone number when signing up. What happens if you do not feel good about that? Using burner phones to sign up is a way around giving out your real information. Others like to use fake phone numbers for various memberships. The top three examples include:

  1. Real estate apps that could lead to unsolicited text messages or calls from vendors.
  2. Lending apps that connect borrowers to would-be lenders, which occasionally results in continuous follow-up calls.
  3. Dating apps that have some users worry about their privacy when dealing with - and turning away - potential dates.

Why Tencent QQ Asks for Phone Verification

Tencent QQ used to run two concurrent platforms. One was QQ International and the other one was just QQ, which was designed for the Chinese market. President Donald Trump issued an executive order against QQ's WeChat application, which would have required it to be sold to an American company.

Insiders now advise that Tencent QQ discontinued development and updates for its international platform. Whereas you were able to register for an account there with Facebook, the currently available QQ calls for a phone number registration.

How the Company Controls Platform Access

There is no option for a Facebook for QQ account creation any longer.

By insisting on the use of a valid cell phone number, the company has an easy time identifying spammers on its platform. Moreover, it limits the number of accounts you can sign up for. By only allowing access to one account, the company effectively cuts down on duplicates. As a result, the platform ties each user to a unique account.

How Users Try to Avoid Phone Verification With QQ

Some users have tried to get around the verification requirement by signing up for an SMS platform account. After all, they just needed the registration code. However, it appears that the vendor has some safeguards in place to prevent this practice. Other people tried similarly ingenious approaches that include:

Buying expensive burner phones for the QQ registrationBecause they are not easily affordable, it may not be the best option.
Signing up for a fake phone numberThe internet is filled with suggestions for fake phone number apps, but they are not always effective and sometimes actually charge quite a bit of money for their service.
Borrowing someone else's phone for the sign-up processBecause more than 80% of Americans now shy away from giving out their personal information online, there is a good chance you will not find a friend who will let you use their phone.
Using their work phoneYour employer might take a dim view of your using a work-issued mobile phone for gaming and chatting.

Potential Privacy Issues Cause Users to Look for QQ Bypass Phone Verification Options

Common problems with phone verification, which could easily resolve, have caused users to look for alternative solutions. However, when many users head to Twitter, they notice that more and more free number sites are being banned. If they have tried to use their phones, QQ might not have sent a code.

Frequent User Complaints

Sometimes, there is a simple user error. There is a block on for unknown numbers or the internet connection is bad. However, this will not matter much to the user who tries to sign up again for the service and is now denied access. There are also error messages the server might display, which include "please try again later" or "too many attempts".

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for QQ Register Without Phone Number Verify

DoNotPay does not need you to buy an expensive burner phone. You can use the burner phone feature to access a virtual burner phone, which is faster, easier, and much cheaper than other options. It only takes a simple five steps to make it happen.

  1. Open the DoNotPay site in your browser.
  2. Scroll down to features, and select "burner phones."
  3. Select the company for which you want to generate a number and click on "create a temporary phone number."
  4. Use this number for the QQ bypass phone verification. will display the verification message you receive for the number.
  5. Your privacy is safe since the phone deactivates after ten minutes. Because the deleted number does not become part of your profile, none of your data is transmitted to QQ or any other vendor.

Take Security a Step Further with DNP 's Virtual Credit Card

If you do not like giving out your personal information when signing up for a service, you probably also do not want to provide credit card information when signing up for free trials and other services. DoNoPay has a solution for this quandary, too.

DoNotPay lets you sign up for a free virtual credit card that is ideally suited for free trial signups. When the trial ends, you are automatically unsubscribed. There is no longer the need for the following:

  • trying to unsubscribe
  • disputing charges
  • being on hold with companies that promised not to charge you but did

Not Just a Privacy Protector: What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay protects your privacy on QQ and a host of other sites. By the way, when you sign in, they can help you with a wide variety of other issues, too!

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