Paid Clinical Trials for Smokers—Get the Scoop

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What You Should Know About Paid Clinical Trials for Smokers

People who want to volunteer in medical experiments and observations can sign up for clinical trials in numerous locations. Different types of these interventional studies require different candidates, and smokers have a category of their own. DoNotPay can help you find one!

What Are Clinical Trials for Smokers?

Clinical trials are generally conducted in order for the researchers to find the best treatments for various diseases and conditions. Treatment options are matched accordingly with the disease in question. Another important part is finding suitable participants for the trial.

Some investigators need healthy volunteers while others look for people that already have a condition.

People who smoke fall into a category of their own. Whether the clinical trial is researching lung diseases related to smoking or maybe looking for the best ways for people to quit, you can find something up your alley.

Always consult your physician before deciding to volunteer in clinical research because they can point you in the right direction that can end up solving your smoking problem.

Why Participate in Smoking Clinical Trials?

If you decide to enroll in a clinical trial, both you and many other individuals can benefit from this choice. Looking for clinical trials has never been easier and you can find the right match for your need without trouble.

By participating in such medical research, you can help science improve and also help yourself find the best treatment faster than usual.

The 21st century has busted many myths regarding cigarettes and the effect they have on our health. All the ‘benefits’ and a general idea of coolness cigarette companies used to advertise are left in the past. Doctors are now aware of the downsides and risks smoking carries.

Plenty of people still have an addiction and only think about quitting when it starts affecting their health. Clinical trials for smokers are a great place to try and get rid of cigarettes once and for all. There are even some research centers that pay volunteers for participating in their studies. You can improve your health and get paid for doing so—sounds like a great combo!

Other times, investigators conduct clinical trials for lung diseases that are closely related to smoking and need volunteers who already suffer from them. If this is the case, your participation can mean a lot for other patients, allow them to live better lives in the future, and maybe even become completely healthy. Help doctors, patients, and yourself by participating in clinical trials!

How To Find Paid Medical Trials for Smokers With DoNotPay

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to find clinical trials for smokers, look no further! DoNotPay is an app that can deal with this process in the blink of an eye! Your virtual assistant can help you match with the right clinical study, and all you’ll need to do is:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Tap on Clinical Trials
  3. Select Get Started
  4. Set up the filters properly
  5. Choose a study you are interested in
  6. Click on Contact

Once you’re done completing the questionnaire, we will email the researchers on your behalf to make sure the process is as speedy as possible. DoNotPay is the only platform that allows you to match with the studies based on safety, distance, compensation, and individual preferences. Use our neat bookmarking feature to save studies you’d like to participate in, but that aren’t accepting applications yet. You can always change your preferences and settings whenever you feel like it.

What Are Some Alternative Ways of Finding Clinical Trials for Smokers?

Finding clinical trials that need smokers as participants can sometimes be a bit tricky. Many kinds of clinical studies don’t allow people who smoke or drink to be a part of their research because it may affect the results.

Smokers can look for interventional studies that focus on quitting this habit or look for the cure of a disease that was influenced by it. To find such trials on your own, you can pick one of these options:



  • Studies are sorted by topic and can be found easily
  • Map where all the locations of studies are listed


  • Filters put together to make it easier for you to find the right trial
  • Resources that are reputable and trustworthy

What Happens After a Clinical Trials Ends?

So you’ve been a part of a process that took some time, and now it’s over. What happens next?

Clinical research may not be finished after you’re done volunteering. The team of medical experts who participated as well usually write a scientific paper about their key findings. You can usually see the publications on:

  1. PubMed

You can also ask the sponsor to see the results of the study.

It is entirely up to you to decide whether you still want to be a part of this process. If you are wondering whether you will be able to continue using the treatment after the trial, there is an option for that as well. The investigators usually inform you about this even before the trial starts. Volunteers can sometimes purchase the treatment privately.

One of the most important parts after the clinical trial ends is providing feedback. As a participant, you have the option to highlight the pros and cons of the research and allow other patients with the same problem to get some insight from a person who’s already been through it. You will be interviewed by the research staff, and you should use this opportunity to voice your honest opinion about the treatment.

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