Easy Non-VoIP Phone Number for Verification

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Non-VoIP Phone Number for Verification: Using Burner Numbers

Do you use a VoIP phone number to make all your personal or business calls? It's a popular way to make and receive calls using the web rather than a phone line. Even then, using those for verification on an app or website can lead to problems.

Your privacy, no doubt, means a lot to you. Revealing your VoIP number to third parties could mean your private info being exploited.

At DoNotPay, we'll help you use an alternative to burner phones. This means .

Why People Use Burner Phones

A burner phone is used to create a temporary number to avoid having to use your VoIP number when signing up for apps. When burner phones became more readily available, everyone jumped at the chance to use them when apps and websites started requiring a phone number for ID verification.

Why would someone want to use a burner phone? A few good examples are:

  • It can help you avoid harassment in case your number gets leaked when using various apps, such as those for dating.
  • You can avoid spam that can come in the form of emails, texts, or robocalls.
  • You can use it to protect your privacy. In the age of verification being everywhere on apps and websites, data leaks are always possible.

One thing you don 't want is having your VoIP phone number leaked to companies you don't know. It may mean getting constant spam robocalls on your smartphone, not including on the web when using your VoIP number for business.

Why Companies Ask for Phone Verification

Companies ask for verification from you because they want to know whether or not you 're a robot. Bots are so prevalent on apps, websites, and social media, so you need to prove that you're human.

Bots wreak havoc on businesses and cost them money. Nevertheless, the procedures to verify identities are still overly intrusive. Being expected to provide your phone number can mean your phone ringing incessantly because of spam.

How Else Can You Avoid Phone Verification?

In order to avoid phone verification, people usually use burner phones to create fake phone numbers . However, other options are available and sometimes used to save money. After all, burner phones cost as much as $50 or more for just one-time use.

Some other procedures people use are:

Look up faux numbers on GoogleVarious websites offer these, though they're always risky to use. There are no guarantees that they'll work.
The use of Google VoiceThese work like VoIP numbers as well.
Borrowing someone's phone to do the verificationIf you use this option, make sure the other person wants to risk getting spam by providing their number.

Potential Issues with Phone Verification

Along with spam and possible data leaks, other issues can pop up when you try to verify your phone number. Fortunately, our DoNotPay app solves many common issues to avoid pitfalls.

No doubt you 've run into some of these issues when attempting to give out your VoIP number:

  1. Your phone wasn't easily available to get the verification. Being a VoIP number, perhaps you didn't have your smartphone or other mobile device with you when the call came in.
  2. You've attempted to find fake phone numbers from businesses on Twitter, but found out the site bans those businesses from having accounts there.
  3. Your phone blocked the incoming verification call. No doubt, you just had your smartphone or laptop set to block any unknown callers or maybe the internet was down briefly when the call came in.

Once in a while, the app you 're getting the verification from has technical issues and just doesn't get their verification call to you. DoNotPay has a customer service feature to take care of this problem for you.

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Any Service Without a Phone Number

Those of you who've tried burner phones are probably trying to find an alternative to save money. You can use our system at DoNotPay. We created the first burner phone numbers that are texted to you for one-time use .

Using this is very simple and only takes these three steps:

  1. Open up our Burner Phone product on our app.
  2. Select the company you're doing verification for and indicate you want a temporary number.
  3. We'll send you a text with your burner number.

The process behind this is designed to let you get any verification done in 10 minutes or less. Each number we text you is discontinued after that time frame. If you need a new number, we can always text you one with the same 10-minute plan.

Our Virtual Credit Card

You might also encounter a situation where an app requests a credit card number to prove your identity. Doing this is even more risky since your credit card data could slip into the wrong hands.

DoNotPay has you covered yet again. It 's possible to use our virtual credit card system where we give you a temporary, fake card number for all verifications. These are also handy if you don't currently have a credit card.

It's just another example of how we take your personal privacy seriously.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

As the first AI service, we have many other features you can use to help you with issues or to help maintain your data privacy with a . Some other things we do include:

  • Getting revenge on robocalls
  • Protection from stalkers and harassment
  • Freeing yourself from spam emails

Visit us to find out more about our burner numbers system.

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