How to Reach Nike Customer Service Agents in Seconds

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Effortlessly Contact Nike Customer Service Using DoNotPay

Nike offers different contact options to its customers depending on the type of help you need, your location, and other factors. For inquiries about products and orders, you can contact at 1-800-806-6453. However, as with any other company support, you should be ready to wait on hold for a long time, as there are also many similar customers, just like you, on the line waiting to get assisted.

Luckily, DoNotPay has made reaching a piece of cake. When the need arises to contact Nike customer service, DoNotPay will call them and wait in your place. You will receive a notification when an actual human gets the call. You can access DoNotPay through any .

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Nike Support Contact Number and Email

You can contact Nike at any time to get a live person to help you with your problem. Nike customer services are always available 24 hours, seven days, and you can contact them through:

Nike customer service phone numbers

Reaching Nike customer service through phone numbers ensures that you have your issue solved immediately. Therefore, customer service numbers include:

Products and Orders1-800-806-6453
NRC and NTC1-800-379-6453
Company info and Inquiries1-800-344-6453
USA(800) 806-6453
Nike World Headquarters1-503-671-6453
Nike European Headquarters+31-35-6266453
New Zealand00800-113-661
Great Britain02-076-604-453

Where to Find Quick Help for Your Nike Problems

When you have a problem with Nike or their products and services, you can first visit their help page to find answers to frequently asked questions. For a country-specific problem, find the contacts to your specific country on their country-specific contact page.

You can also take advantage of their social media platforms to ask for guidance and follow their updates. Nike's social media support is very active and quick to respond to your questions. Visit Nike's social media profile and post your inquiries on:

Nike Corporate Address

One Bowerman Drive

Beaverton, OR 97005-6453,

United States

Tel: (503) 671-6453

You may need this address to visit the Nike headquarters or contact the Nike executives directly. You'll also need it if you want to pursue a lawsuit against Nike in a small claims court. This is the address you'll send a demand letter to or serve Nike.

If Nike Refuses to Help Me, Can I Send Demand Letters To Them in Small Claims Court?

Every company faces issues and makes mistakes, but what's more important is how they try to resolve them. If you feel like you've been wronged and Nike is not doing anything to resolve the issue, you are free to litigate them in a small claims court. Here's how DoNotPay can support you with the process:

  1. DoNotPay generates a demand letter you can send to Nike to try to settle things out of court.
  2. If unanswered, you will then fill out the court forms. DoNotPay helps you with this and provides you with enough copies.
  3. After that, you can file an official complaint with the court. DoNotPay will guide you through the process step by step.
  4. You will then serve Nike, which will tell them that they are being sued. You should also specify a reason for which you are suing them.
  5. Finally, show up in court! DoNotPay will provide a script you can use before the judge.

Common Reasons Why People Contact Nike Customer Support?

People contact because of various reasons, they include:

  1. To return or replace Nike footwear and clothes.
  2. To inquire about shipping and delivery services.
  3. To inquire about Nike products and services.
  4. To buy Nike products.
  5. To ask about their Nike order status.
  6. To ask about Nike offers.
  7. To find their proper size and fit.

For whatever reason you might have, calling the Nike support number can be incredibly frustrating. Whether it is a minor or significant problem, you might be forced to wait for long hours before getting help.

However, DoNotPay is here to help you avoid all this frustrating process. We can call the Nike customer service number and wait on your behalf. DoNotPay will then notify you when a natural person is at the end of the line so that you can explain your problem and get the answers you're looking for.

Get in Touch With Nike Customer Service Using DoNotPay

As Nike's customer, you have every right to contact Nike customer service and have your particular problems solved as soon as possible.

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Other Ways DoNotPay Can Help You

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