NFL Game Pass Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

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How To Register for an NFL Game Pass Free Trial With No Risk

NFL Game Pass represents a specific web page dedicated to football lovers and fans of the National Football League. Here the subscribers have a chance to watch all the games they missed, re-watch their favorite moments, and follow the progress of their best-loved teams. A wide range of various advantages includes:

  • A possibility to enjoy the full content on five different devices
  • All league matches at one place
  • A variety of additional NFL programs and shows
  • A download option
  • Suggestions based on your team preferences

What You Should Know About NFL Pass Free Trial

NFL Game Pass chose to delight spectators and countless passionate fans of this sporting event with a free trial period. What you should know before you decide to take advantage of this benefit is that it doesn’t apply to all available membership plans. Pro Plan—the most expensive annual program—is the only one that allows opting for a seven-day trial period.

Even though it might look like you can enjoy the most attractive features without limits, there are still restrictions that exclude certain benefits from the paid version. Pre-season matches and Thursday Night Football games will be available to you only three days after the live broadcast. You may also be surprised to find out that you won’t have access to the matches played up to 45 days before the start of your free trial. These limitations are worth considering in case the restricted games are the exact reason for trying out the platform.

How To Get an NFL Game Pass 7 Day Free Trial

You can try out the program by signing up for a free trial on the NFL Game Pass branch web page—be careful not to confuse it with the official website of the entire organization. Here’s the right way to do it:

  1. Go to the NFL Game Pass website
  2. Click on START 7 DAY FREE TRIAL option
  3. Choose the annual PRO plan and click on the START 7 DAY FREE TRIAL again
  4. Complete the required fields with relevant information
  5. Check the boxes I agree to the NFL's Terms of Service and I agree to the NFL's Terms & Conditions
  6. Choose Create Account
  7. Opt for the payment method—you can also choose if you want to pay in four installments or all at once after the trial ends
  8. Enter your credit card or PayPal details
  9. Click Confirm your order

That’s all you need to do. Upon completing the process you’ll be able to start enjoying the available content in a few moments.

Does the NFL Game Pass Free Trial Shift Into a Paid Subscription?

The answer is yes. Upon the trial expiration, you’ll be charged the full amount of the Pro Plan annual membership or the amount of the first installment—depending on what you opted for.

Can You Request Another Free NFL Game Pass Trial To Avoid the Paid Membership?

Two or more free trials aren’t an option. In case you repeat the request with the same account details, the system will recognize it as an error. NFL Game Pass will also charge you a regular monthly fee for the chosen membership right away without further explanation or notifications.

What’s the Cancellation Procedure for NFL Free Trial?

To prevent the trial period from ending up as a paid subscription, you should remind yourself to do the cancellation 24 hours before the trial expires or even before that. It’s advisable to avoid hand-held devices such as mobile phones or tablets due to technical issues—use your PC or laptop instead. You will be able to do this in the following way:

  1. Load the NFL Game Pass home page
  2. Log into your account by clicking on the yellow Sign in button in the top right corner
  3. Left-click on the button with your name and select Manage my account
  4. Find the Subscriptions section and make sure your free trial is still on
  5. Un-check this option and choose Update to save changes

In case of any bugs or an unsuccessful attempt, make sure you contact NFL customer support by submitting a contact form.

How To Avoid Automatic Renewal With the Help of DoNotPay

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Are There Any Alternatives for the Pro Plan Free Trial?

There are two more plans that NFL Game Pass offers apart from the Pro Plan. The cost for the Essential one is $59.99 per year. Yet, in case you opt for it, you have to start a paid subscription right away. The second plan, which is free, doesn’t require any payment details for obtaining a membership, but it possesses fewer features than the previous two memberships. If you want to find out more and see what a general overview of the benefits looks like, you can find them here:


All NFL matches and Superbowl liveNoNo


NFL Network Live (24/7)

5-minute game highlightsYesYes


Mobile mobile download

Multiple devices useYesYes


Full game replay

NFL RedzoneNoYes


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