How to Cancel My Time Rewards Effortlessly

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How to Cancel My Time Rewards Subscription

If you signed up for My Time Rewards and wish to cancel the membership for reasons known to you, there's a strong possibility you can do so by following the steps outlined below. This is a savings program for leisure activities that allows you to do more of what you enjoy while saving money. But, judging by the hundreds of people who have complained about the corporation ripping them off, we all know it isn't true.

According to the website, you can cancel your subscription at any moment with their customer support. However, numerous reports have shown that is not as simple as they suggest. If you're one of the victims, the ideal alternative is DoNotPay. Let's hop onto it.

How to Cancel My Time Rewards Subscription

If you are not pleased with your subscription, you can cancel it instantaneously in one of the following ways:

Email:Simply send the company an email at
Online cancellation option:It's available through the profile section of the web once you log in.
Call:Reach out to the customer service staff using the telephone number shown on the "Contact us" page. They are available Monday to Friday 8 am-8 pm, and Saturday 9 am-4 pm.
Cancellation form:You can download it here.
Mail:You can write to the following address:

My Time Rewards

Sentinel House,

Airspeed Road,

Portsmouth, Hampshire,

P03 5RF

Any person who ends their membership has the right to use and enjoy all the benefits of My Time Rewards for the remaining part of the subscription period. Also, after cancellation, you won't be connected to any responsibility to pay any membership fee.

What if My Time Rewards Cancels Your Membership?

Webloyalty International SARL (WL), based in Switzerland, owns and operates My Time Rewards website. As a web owner, WL has the mandate to cancel a membership at any moment and for any reason. They normally give the member 30 days written notice, in which WL will refund the individual the Membership Fee for that particular month, prorated with the portion of the remaining period.

As of the operative date of termination, the person shall instantly stop using or obtaining all My Time Rewards services. They will notify you about the cancellation through your email address.

WL has the authority to automatically cancel your subscription if:

  1. You fail to observe the company's terms of service.
  2. Your mailing address is no longer applicable.
  3. You specified an illegitimate payment option when joining.
  4. Your payment method turns problematic or ends during the specified agreement.
  5. You conduct any fraudulent activity, including subscribing numerous times to My Time Rewards, and it ends before the end of the trial.
  6. You falsify any supporting documentation.

If WL terminates your membership, they have the right not to give you the accrued benefits without allowing you to reclaim them or receive any other compensation. The staff may ask you to submit proof of identification or items to process the cancellation.

A cancelling member is forbidden from re-registering in My Time Rewards for 6 months. WL will revoke any other memberships discovered within these six months by name, email, address, payment information, or bank account. The company will also cancel any accumulated rewards.

Under What Conditions Can You Cancel My Time Rewards Subscription?

Here are some of the issues that caused the majority of My Time Rewards members to cancel their subscription:

Unauthorised payments:The majority of those who unsubscribed said they discovered transactions they didn't recognise.
Unethical conduct:If you visit an online shop that requests your credit card details, we always advise you to cancel your subscription immediately. But if you want to continue, you can use our DoNotPay virtual credit card.
Unresponsive customer service:If you find something suspicious in your account, such as an overpayment that you can't cancel and the customer service agents don't respond, please contact DoNotPay.

DoNotPay Will Cancel Any Subscription for You

Visit us at DoNotPay for help with the cancellation of subscriptions from companies such as:

Allow DoNotPay to Cancel Your My Time Rewards Subscription

will walk you through every stage of the complaint process to guarantee you the best response possible. We will also help you connect with an expert for your needs. Additionally, we'll advise you on how to structure your complaint so that you may achieve a quick resolution. Furthermore, if you desire to pursue your My Time Rewards claim, we will assist you in compiling all the material needed into a case file. Just do this:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Fixing My Time Rewards cancellation dilemma is just one of the many things that DoNotPay can assist you with. Other issues include:

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