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The Easiest Way to Contact Mojang Support

Mojang is known for inventing Minecraft, among the most-played games globally. However, the team is slightly slow from the many inquiries filling their inboxes. If you want to uncover the shortcuts or techniques to get better, quicker aid from Mojang, visit DoNotPay.

Mojang Support Contact Number and Email

If you need assistance with your Minecraft log in or would like to provide feedback, you can reach out to through:

While there is no live chat or telephone support number, you can send a note to the help desk through their website. Later on, you'll receive an email with guidelines to resolve the problems with your game.

Where to Get Fast Help for Your Minecraft Problems

1. Minecraft Feedback Website

The system has a responsive website with two links leading you to the Bug Reporting and Help Center websites. Both sites are extensive and provide solutions to various game-related subjects and bugs.

2. Minecraft Help Center Website

The software has a devoted Help Center, split into sections about the topics they cover. The Help Center covers multiple issues, from game accessibility to login support and billing issues. Be confident that whichever queries you might have will be answered in this segment.

3. Minecraft Contact Section

To get help with the version of Minecraft you are using, fill in your details (name, email, version of game, and Xbox Live Gamertag) on the contact segment. You can use this page to post any demands you have and then wait for a response from a representative. If you want assistance with Minecraft Java Edition, click here.

4. Minecraft Bug Tracker

However, if you find a bug in your game, you must follow a different procedure. A section devoted to the Minecraft bug reporter is available on the game's website. This is a place where you can report any bugs you've found, as well as the gaming console you used to find them. The segment is categorized into 3 parts based on which system you experienced the bug:

  • Console Versions of Minecraft (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft)
  • Minecraft for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Mobile (Windows 10, MobileAmazon, Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS)
  • Java Version of Minecraft

5. Social Media Support

Minecraft has made customer service more available by including a customer care social media page, which users must take advantage of. The Mojang Support Twitter and Instagram page discusses any issues customers may have with the game. They operate from Monday to Friday.

6. Minecraft Xbox Support

If you can't find the solution to a technical question on their site, you may need to go to Xbox Support's page, which has services for Minecraft on virtual reality, mobile, Xbox One, Windows 10, and higher. In addition, if you have problems with your account or utilizing transactions affiliated with your game, consult them for assistance.

Common Reasons People Contact Mojang Support

Here are some of the primary questions most Minecraft users ask:

How long does Mojang take to reply to support queries?Mojang doesn't have an email address. You must fill out the form provided on their website. It takes approximately 24-48 hours to reply. Please remember that Mojang has many clients to cater to, so be patient.
How do you get in touch with Mojang for suggestions?If you'd like to make a recommendation, go to Minecraft's Forums subsection and write down your point.
How can you acquire a Mojang account in 2022?You can create a Mojang account by connecting it to your Microsoft account.
Is there a free Mojang account?No, a Mojang account is only unrestricted to create. Nevertheless, a Minecraft account is not free; you have to pay approximately $19.99 per month to play.
Where do you send the Minecraft fan mail?If you want to deliver a fan letter or express your gratitude for the effort put into the game, please send it to:


One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052 USA

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