Microsoft Word Free Trial With No Strings Attached

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How to Get Microsoft Word Free Trial Hassle-Free

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational tech company headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Some of its most popular products are Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, and Internet Explorer. The company has also made numerous acquisitions, such as those of Skype and LinkedIn.

If you need Microsoft productivity software like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and others, you can either make a one-time purchase of Office 365 or get an annual/monthly subscription to Microsoft 365.

If you don’t want to shell out money on hefty Microsoft purchases, there are other ways to use Office apps for free.

You can sign up to and use the limited versions of the apps or register for a Microsoft 365 free trial if you need the full extension of those apps.

How Can I Register for Microsoft Word Free Trial?

You can give Microsoft Word a try by registering for free trials for:

  • Microsoft 365 Family
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Free trial for these subscription plans gives you full access to all the features in Word and other Microsoft apps for one month.

To get your one-month free-trial Suite deal, you should take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft account or sign up if you don’t have one
  2. Enter payment details to enable future monthly billing
  3. Once your payment method is confirmed, you should follow the prompts to install Office apps

Are There Office Apps for Mobile Devices?

Yes, there are, and you can use their basic versions for free.

You can download them from:

How Much Will Microsoft 365 Cost After the Free Run Is Over?

Your Microsoft 365 subscription cost depends on the plan you opted for during your free-trial sign-up. The prices can be quite steep, so think carefully before giving your payment details for the free-trial registration, or use DoNotPay’s free trial card.

For more details on the prices and benefits of each subscription plan, refer to the table below.

Subscription Plan



Microsoft 365 Family

Annual price: $99.99

Monthly price: $9.99

  • Maximum six people
  • Premium apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access (PC only), Publisher (PC only)
  • 1 TB of cloud storage per person
  • Advanced app security

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Annual commitment $12.50/month

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Business emails
  • Premium Office apps
  • Secure cloud services: OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Annual commitment $20/month

Everything included in the Business Standard plus:
  • Advanced cyber threat protection
  • Additional secure cloud services: Intune, Azure Information Protection

What Happens When My Free Trial Runs Out?

Your free trial will automatically transition into a paid subscription unless you turn off recurring billing in your Microsoft Account. Afterward, you will be billed for a one-time or monthly payment, depending on the selected subscription plan.

In case you have difficulties navigating your Microsoft account and aren’t sure how to cancel your trial run before it expires, you can rely on DoNotPay to cancel it on your behalf.

If you still want to do it on your own, make sure to cancel your free trial (in case auto-payment is enabled) before it expires, as Microsoft won’t inform you about the upcoming expiration date.

Is it Possible to Sign Up for Another Microsoft Subscription Trial?

It is possible, but not immediately. Two trials need to be one year apart, and you can also sign up for a trial a year after your paid subscription runs out.

Sign Up for Free Trials With DoNotPay’s Secret Weapon

Has it ever happened to you that a new service caught your eye, and you were enticed by flashy free trial promotions that you just couldn’t help but subscribe to? You’d try it out, only to realize that you are not that into it, and forget about it completely. You’d repeat the process with each new service, and the moment of epiphany comes in a flash—you are now an inadvertent paying subscriber to all.

Thankfully, DoNotPay offers you two solutions specifically designed to tackle predicaments like that:

  1. Free Trial Card
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Your Golden Ticket—Free Trial Card

DoNotPay’s virtual credit card enables you to register for free trials on numerous subscription-based services with no risk of hidden charges.

Our virtual credit card is a dummy card that will look like a standard credit card to any vendor. Each time it creates unique single-use credit card details that you can provide when signing up for a free trial. It is your first line of defense against unwanted charges for services you may have forgotten to have ever subscribed to because it will cancel them automatically once the trial period is over.

The fundamentals of the DoNotPay virtual credit card are:

  • It’s not linked to any funding source
  • It guarantees approval on free trial pages
  • It’s automatically declined on subscription pages
  • It cancels subscriptions based on auto-payment

Find Hidden Money Where You Least Expect to

Besides helping you prevent subscription problems in the future, DoNotPay can help you resolve the ones from the past. How? Via our Find Hidden Money feature.

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DoNotPay can also cancel them on your behalf.

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DoNotPay’s virtual credit card can help you keep your inbox clean from spam and commercial emails and keep your identity completely anonymous.

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Here’s why you should use it:

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  • It ensures that your personal email address does not fall into the wrong hands and end up being sold to fraudsters on the black market

We will make sure that you still get important messages from services that you regularly use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Consider A Microsoft Word Free Trial If I Use Google Docs?

Google Docs is completely free and convenient for anyone who has a Google account. However, Microsoft Word comes with several advantages that certain users may prefer.

For one, Microsoft Word can be used offline. If you’re in the middle of an internet outage or you want to write up documents while you travel, Word makes this a very simple thing to do, while Google Docs won’t allow you to write in most cases until you’re back online.

Secondly, Word is full of different settings and templates that allow you to create certain documents, such as financial reports, resumés, invoices, invitations, and more. You can skip the graphic design software entirely if you need to! Google Docs in comparison is rather basic, and requires more talent and skill to achieve the same results as a Word template.

What Limitations Or Restrictions Does The Microsoft Word Free Trial Have?

When it comes to free trials of software or apps, you may often expect certain crucial features to be missing or locked until you pay for the software. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case with Word.

During your free trial of Word, you’ll be able to write as much as you want, save as many documents as you want, and access all the features that come with the paid version of Word. The only limitation is the 30-day limit that will prompt you to order Word of Microsoft 365 after the free trial expires.

What Is Also Included In The Microsoft 365 Free Trial?

In addition to Microsoft Word, the Microsoft 365 bundle also includes Excel for writing spreadsheets, Powerpoint for creating presentations, Outlook for sending and receiving emails, ClipChamp for editing videos, and Teams for networking with friends and coworkers. You aren’t required to use or start the other programs in this bundle just to use Word.

Can I Just Sign Up For A Standalone Microsoft Word Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there are no current free trials that only include Microsoft Word. As you can tell, Microsoft has been heavily pushing Microsoft 365 as a bundle of apps and encourages customers to download them all as a means to pay more year-over-year. If you need to get a free trial for Microsoft Word, you’ll also need to download the other programs in the bundle as a result.

How Much Does Microsoft Word Cost By Itself?

Microsoft Word is available as a standalone app for PC and Mac computers, priced at $159.99. On the bright side, this is a one-time purchase, so you’ll own the software forever with no monthly or yearly charges.

Will I Get In Trouble If I Obtain More Than One Microsoft 365 Free Trial?

So long as you obtain a new Virtual Card number, you should be able to get multiple free trials. Fortunately with Microsoft, you can create an entirely new email address each time you sign up for a Microsoft 365 trial.

Microsoft will not suspect that you are using their program more often than you should without paying. Many users have been able to obtain several free trial codes on the same device without any ramifications!

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