Medical Studies Omaha in a Nutshell

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Medical Studies Omaha—Find Out Everything You Want To Know

Medical studies are conducted to help researchers find the best treatment for various diseases and conditions. There are clinical trials galore in the United States, but if you live in Nebraska, Omaha is the city you should go to find one. Read this article to get all the details about Omaha clinical studies!

Medical Studies Omaha, NE—Important Facts

It is important to conduct medical surveys because there is an abundance of diseases for which standard treatments don’t have great results or involve multiple side effects. Investigators are always looking for participants suitable for different types of clinical trials. Some even look for healthy volunteers and pay them for participation.

Nebraska offers a wide array of clinical studies, and Omaha is the best place to find interventional trials to participate in.

Check out the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) for the safest clinical trials in this state. They offer different kinds of interventional studies, and anyone can find something up their alley. You can find them at 42nd and Emile, Omaha, NE 68198, or call them at 402-559-6941 for more information.

Clinical Studies in Omaha, NE—Why Opt To Be a Part of Medical Research

If you live in Nebraska and decide to google ‘clinical trials near me’, most of the results will lead you to Omaha—and for a good reason. When deciding to participate in a clinical trial, you should have a few things in mind. Always look for reputable facilities with medical staff who are experts in the studied field.

It’s not rare for the best research centers to be part of universities. The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is no exception to this rule. It is the state’s only public academic medical center, tackling medical challenges, no matter how difficult they are with the state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge treatments. Their research breakthroughs can help patients with life-threatening diseases.

Research studies conducted at UNMC are reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), making sure the study is ethical and that the patients’ rights and well-being are protected. The UNMC specializes in the following fields:

  • Biopreparedness
  • High-consequence special pathogens

The scientists at the UNMC were the ones who found out that the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads by airborne transmission. With their team of medical experts, you can rest assured to be in good hands.

Medical Research Studies Omaha, NE—Find Them With the Help of DoNotPay

Finding medical studies in any city is a piece of cake with the help of DoNotPay—Omaha, NE is no exception. We can make sure all your requirements are met, and the process is fast and simple. Find the best clinical trials with DoNotPay by following these steps:

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We will contact the researchers on your behalf and make sure the process commences as soon as possible. You should expect their answer within several days.

Keep track of all the studies you’ve contacted on your homepage with our neat feature that provides a great overview. You can always change the settings and set up the preferences to work for you.

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What Are Other Ways To Find Clinical Trials in Omaha, Nebraska?

You can search for clinical trials online. If you choose this method, be sure to visit reputable websites that offer safe and reliable interventional studies. Take a look at a few trustworthy sources in the table below:



  • Everything you need to know about a trial is located in one place
  • All available studies sorted in a list which is easily navigated

Clinical Trials Locator

  • All results can be reached fast with the filtered search option
  • Anyone can find their way through the website thanks to easy navigation

What Are the Phases of Clinical Trials?

One of the most important aspects of clinical studies are the clinical trial phases. There are five stages the drug has to go through before it is safe to be used:

  1. Phase 0—This is the first clinical trial conducted on people involving around 10 participants
  2. Phase I—The aim is to test the drug’s safety. Around 15–30 people volunteer
  3. Phase II—The researchers want to assess further safety, but also the efficiency of the treatment
  4. Phase III—The investigators compare a new drug to the standard drug. Around 100 people participate
  5. Phase IV—The focus is on the drug’s long-term effects. Several hundred or thousands of patients participate in this phase

How Do Researchers Decide Who Can Participate in Clinical Trials?

People of all ages, sexes, and races can be a part of interventional studies, although admission depends on the specific requirements of the trial.

The investigators’ job is to look for volunteers and decide whether they are eligible for a certain trial. Some researchers need healthy volunteers, while others look for people suffering from a particular disease or a condition.

Depending on the type of clinical trial, investigators will look into criteria like:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Medical history
  4. Current health status

Enrolling appropriate participants is of paramount importance because it helps investigators get accurate results. Criteria for participating in medical studies is essential for the safety of the subjects and should deny participation to anyone whose condition or any other characteristic carries additional risks to their health. Always consult your doctor before applying for a clinical trial and go through all the potential risks and benefits.

Who Conducts Clinical Trials?

A person in charge of a clinical trial is called a principal investigator (PI), and they are usually a medical expert in the field that the clinical study is researching. PI makes sure the study is done according to regulatory requirements and that it meets standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). They also ensure that participants receive suitable medical care.

Numerous other experts make the research team of clinical studies:

  • Research scientists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Dietitians
  • Other healthcare professionals

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