How to Stop MyLife Emails

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How to Stop MyLife Emails From Cluttering Your Inbox

MyLife is not considered a trustworthy or useful data broker service. The website creates a page about you without your consent and then pressures you to become a member. The promises of improved “reputation” should fall on flat ears, as the website’s selling point is painting negative pictures of individuals.

The emails that you receive from MyLife are intrusive and irritating. They would describe your page as a potential hindrance, even if you didn’t create yours. Worse yet, the dozens of emails you receive every day have no unsubscribe option. To get rid of them, you should consider using DoNotPay’s service.

Blocking MyLife Spam Email With the Help of DoNotPay

If you’re fed up with websites like MyLife sending you unwanted spam mail, DoNotPay has a solution. The app takes care of unwanted spam email subscriptions and even goes a step further. It doesn’t take long to block a sender, and they aren’t likely to send you another email afterward. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Go to your
  2. Create and log in to your account
  3. Find the Spam Collector tab
  4. Put your email address in the textbox to connect your account with DoNotPay
  5. Forward any subsequent emails from the sender to

After you’ve completed the last step, you can rest assured that no more emails from MyLife will be cluttering-up your inbox. The app will notify you of class-action lawsuits against MyLife if they are available. A flag will appear in the Spam Collector tab once a settlement has been reached. You can rid yourself of their messages and get some revenge for the email spam.

How You Can Remove Your Personal Data From MyLife

MyLife has an alarming amount of information on peoples’ personal lives. Much of this data is available to anyone who wants to see it. It’s unnerving to think that your personal details are displayed online without your permission.

The website offers two options to remove personal data:

  1. Calling the service via phone call
  2. Requesting removal through email

Removing Information via Phone Call to MyLife

To remove information from MyLife with a phone call, you have to contact a representative.

  1. Call during the period of Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT or from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT on weekends
  2. Dial (888) 704-1900
  3. To speak with an operator, press 3
  4. Request that your information is removed from the website

It will take anywhere between seven to ten business days for the information to be removed. The link to your MyLife page will stop working afterward.

Removing Information With an Email

Sending an email might not be as productive as making a phone call, as anyone can send a request on your behalf.

  1. Send a request through
  2. Attach the URL of your page so that they know which one to remove

Request That Your Info Is Removed With a Fresh Email Account

You can even create a new email account and use it to contact MyLife about canceling your account. The website will send spam to any address that they acquire. An email address you don’t use can come in handy.

What You Can Do When MyLife Refuses To Remove Your Page

The malicious nature of the website extends to its support team. They won’t always remove your page upon request. You have to be clear about your intentions when you contact them. Pressure them by mentioning a few key things in your message:

  • The questionable accuracy of the information they’ve displayed about you
  • The fact that it can be considered defamation of your name
  • Their refusal to remove your page upon request

Take the stance that you will pursue action if your profile is not removed from their website. It’s not a threat that MyLife will take lightly. The site was sued in 2011 for spamming and deceptive business practices.

How to Stop MyLife Emails With Features in Your Email App

The block feature in various apps can be effective at stopping email subscriptions from MyLife. Gmail, Outlook, iCloud Mail, and Yahoo Mail have this option in their settings. Blocking and reporting an email can reduce the number of spam emails you receive.

Email app

How to block email senders

How to report email abuse


  • Open the email
  • Press the down arrow next to Reply
  • Click Block
  • Press the down arrow
  • Click on Report spam


  • Open the email
  • Choose Actions
  • Create a new rule
  • Under Do the following choose Delete
  • Select Junk
  • Mark emails that you want to label as junk


  • Install and use the Microsoft junk email reporting add-in

iCloud Mail

  • Go to the Mail app
  • Press the cogwheel icon
  • Add a new rule
  • In the Is from box, type in the address of the sender
  • Select Move to trash
  • Forward the email to


  • tap Report Junk

Yahoo Mail

  • Open the email
  • Press the dotted icon at the bottom of the message
  • Choose Block
  • Select the email
  • Click on Spam

These methods won’t guarantee the removal of spam from MyLife. The website sends emails through different addresses, making it difficult to prevent the influx of spam. It’s like fighting a hydra—chopping one head off won’t solve the problem.

DoNotPay Clears Up Your Mailbox Too

Physical junk mail is considered a common sight in most mailboxes. Compared to spam mail, it’s not something we take so seriously. You could argue that physical junk mail is the more irritating option. Your mailbox contains important things like bills and remote voting applications. Sifting through tons of junk mail to get to them is less-than-pleasant.

DoNotPay can solve this junk mail issue as well. All you have to do is:

  1. Take a photo of the junk mail
  2. Send it through the DoNotPay app

Manually unsubscribing requires that you find and contact the company on your own. With the app, a single snap of a picture is enough.

There’s a Wide Variety of Helpful Features in DoNotPay’s Roster

DoNotPay is a helpful AI Consumer Champion app that takes care of a large number of day-to-day nuisances. Blocking email spam on Android and iOS is just one of the features that might interest you. Find the app in your and see what it has to offer.

Here are some things DoNotPay offers to help you with:

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