Getting in Touch With Kohl’s Customer Service Has Never Been Easier!

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You Don’t Have To Wait on Hold When Contacting Kohl’s Customer Service!

Kohl's is a national retailer with 1,150 department stores in 49 states. It also owns an off-price chain—Kohl's Clearance Centers. The company was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Kohl’s provides apparel for the entire family—from a toddler to a senior citizen.

Kohl’s began as a catalog business in 1962 and expanded to Wisconsin stores in 1970. The first store outside Wisconsin opened in Massachusetts in 1998.

Kohl’s Clearance Centers are discount stores that offer approximately $40–$50 weekly clothing sales and new toy deals, which are often discounted 50% or more from the original manufacturer’s prices. Kohl’s also offers home products, including furniture, home accessories, bedding, bath, and beauty ones.

Kohl's is the fourth-largest department store chain in North America based on revenue. As of October 26, 2014, Kohl's had a market cap of $15 billion.

If you purchased an item at Kohl’s and aren’t satisfied with it or want to make any other inquiry, you should get in touch with customer service. We can show you how to contact Kohl’s customer service without waiting on hold! Once you , you’ll be able to use our products to skip the phone line and avoid wasting time!

Ways To Reach Kohl’s Customer Service on Your Own

If you think getting in touch with customer service is the only way to resolve issues and acquire useful info, we’re happy to tell you it’s not! You can save yourself from the unnecessary stress of dealing with Kohl’s customer support by checking the company’s website first. Scroll through Kohl’s FAQ page, and find answers to a ton of commonly asked questions, including:

  • If I recently completed an application and my contact info is incorrect (such as phone numbers or email addresses), is there a way to update this info?
  • Who do I contact if I’m being considered for a Corporate or Field Leadership position to inquire about more info?
  • How do I apply if I’m already a Kohl’s associate?
  • Where do I apply to work for Kohl’s?
  • What forms of payment are accepted on the company’s website?
  • What types of shipping does the company offer?
  • Where are my coupons located?
  • How can I update my personal information?
  • If I have a candidate account but I can’t find a way to log in, can I reset my password?
  • How do I report my card lost or stolen?
  • I recently completed an application. When can I expect to hear back from the company?
  • How can I activate my new Kohl's Card?

If you don’t find the info you need this way, you can contact customer support. This is how you can get in touch with Kohl’s customer service:

  1. By phone
  2. Through live chat
  3. Online

Contacting Kohl’s Customer Service by Phone

To speak to a Kohl’s customer service rep directly, dial 855-564-5748 and ask about the info you need. Once you reach an agent, you can ask them to provide you with all the assistance you need, but you won’t be able to reach them instantly. Customers report waiting on hold from 15 to 20 minutes and sometimes even longer.

The best way to avoid waiting on hold is to let us do it for you! We can dial Kohl’s on your behalf and wait for someone to answer while you relax. Once someone picks up, we’ll immediately alert you, and you can come back to talk to a support rep.

Assisting you with skipping Kohl’s phone queue isn’t all DoNotPay does for you! If you ever need to request a Kohl’s item return or exchange your Kohl’s gift card for cash, we’re happy to walk you through the process step by step!

Chatting With Kohl’s Customer Service Reps

You can also visit Kohl’s Help Center to chat with the company’s virtual assistant. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on Ask Us
  2. Type in your question
  3. Select Send

After you provide the necessary info, the assistant should work with you and help you resolve the issue at hand. Since it can’t help with more complex requests, you won’t be able to solve every issue this way. For such inquiries, calling customer service is the way to go.

Reaching Kohl’s Customer Service Online

If neither calling Kohl’s customer service nor chatting with the company’s virtual assistant works for you, there is another option. You can try messaging the company on social media, including the following platforms:

Other than messaging Kohl’s on the above-listed social media platforms, you can also check out the company’s YouTube channel or Pinterest account. The chances are that you’ll find more useful info there, but make sure not to rely on this contact option. Although it works, getting a response through social media isn’t guaranteed. Calling customer service is the best way to get your answers on the spot and avoid further complications.

Get in Touch With Kohl’s Customer Service the Easy Way

When you have an issue with Kohl's service, you want the problem solved immediately. It can be infuriating when you have to dial the support number half a dozen times and spend hours on hold until you finally reach a support agent.

That’s why we’ve developed the Skip Waiting on Hold product. With DoNotPay, you won’t have to waste time waiting on hold ever again! The app can call any customer service phone number for you and wait on hold in your place. As soon as a support agent takes your call, the app will notify you, so you can explain the issue and get the answers you’re looking for.

Here’s how you can use DoNotPay to skip Kohl’s phone queue:

  1. Open your web browser and
  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product
  3. Search for the company you’d like to call
  4. Click on the name of the company and select Call Now

That’s it! DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

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