The Kent State University Application Fee Explained

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Request the Kent State University Application Fee Waiver Fast

Starting college is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience. It can also be a challenge for you as it takes a lot of research, paperwork, and financial resources.

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Learn About the Kent State University Application Fee

Kent State University has a strict reviewing process and considers applicants’:

  • High school transcripts or GED scores
  • College or university transcript (for those who finished college coursework during high school)

You do not have to submit your ACT or SAT scores during the COVID-19 pandemic, but note that some areas of study might have additional requirements.

To apply online, you can use the Kent State University application or the Common Application. You need to pay the Kent State application fee of $50 or submit an application fee waiver by the indicated application deadline.

In special circumstances such as COVID-19, Kent State University might waive their application fees. This information is available on the admission page of their website.

What Is a College Application Fee Waiver?

A college application fee waiver is a request you submit to a college of your choice if you want to apply for free. In most cases, there is a form you and your school or community official need to fill out. The official should attest to your financial situation. If you face financial hardship because of your college application fee, you can file a college application fee waiver.

Most schools consider the same eligibility criteria when reviewing and approving your college fee waiver request. You can check the information on their websites or contact their admission office to get the details and necessary forms.

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Do You Qualify for an Automatic College Application Fee Waiver?

If you have received or are eligible for an SAT or ACT fee waiver, you are also eligible for most college application fee waivers.

If a university you have applied to does not approve automatic college application fee waivers, they will provide a form and further instructions on requesting one.

Who Qualifies for the Kent State University Application Fee Waiver?

You qualify for the Kent State application fee waiver in these cases:

  • If you filled out an interest form during a campus visit program organized by the Kent State International Admission Office
  • During special conditions, such as COVID-19, that are announced on the Kent State University website (Due to COVID-19, Kent State University waived application fees for domestic students together with obligatory SAT and ACT waivers)

You can also qualify for the Kent State University application fee waiver if you meet at least one of the requirements from the Common Application:

  • You are eligible to receive or have already received an SAT or ACT testing fee waiver
  • You are enrolled in a federal, state, or local program aiding students from low-income families
  • Your family’s annual income falls within the Income Eligibility Guidelines
  • You are eligible to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL)
  • Your family receives public assistance
  • You live in federally subsidized public housing or a foster home
  • You are a ward of the state, an orphan, or homeless
  • You can provide a supporting statement from a school or community official

You have to make sure that your college counselor validates your Kent State application fee waiver. If your fee waiver is based on financial hardship, you need to provide a letter explaining how you plan to pay for tuition.

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Can DoNotPay Help You Get the Kent State University Application Fee Waiver?

DoNotPay can help you request the Kent State University application fee waiver. Since we understand how challenging the fee waiving process can be, we have simplified and automated our procedure.

Submit your application fee waiver request by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in your
  2. Click on the College Application Fee Waiver button
  3. Pick which fee you wish to waive
  4. Select Kent State University and answer a few questions about your income
  5. Indicate if you would like to obtain an official's signature

Once you go through these easy steps, DoNotPay automatically submits your form and sends it to the indicated official for a signature (in case you choose this option) or directly to Kent State University.

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How To Request the Kent State University Application Fee Waiver by Yourself?

If you are a freshman and would like to submit an application fee waiver at Kent State University, you should fill out the NACAC Application Fee Waiver in the following way:

  1. Type in Kent State University on the top line
  2. Enter your contact information and signature in the Student section
  3. Check one or more indicators in the Economic Need part
  4. If you check the last box, i.e., the other request, explain why you need an application fee waiver
  5. Send the form to your school or community official to complete and sign the Authorized Official section

Transfer students who would like to get the Kent State University application fee waiver must complete the NACAC Request for Transfer Admission Application Fee Waiver Form.

When you complete and sign the appropriate NACAC form, you should send it via:

Undergraduate Admission

800 E. Summit St.

Kent, OH 44242

If you would like to get more information, you can call the Admission Office at 1-800-988-5368.

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