How to Get in Touch With Hulu Customer Service the Easy Way

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How to Contact Hulu Customer Service the Easy Way

Although Hulu has one of the better reputations when it comes to customer service, there are still times you need help .

Hulu is the leading premium streaming service of both live and on-demand television shows and movies. Originally founded in 2007, they were the first to offer subscribers a choice of watching with or without commercials. They began offering original content in 2011, have partnerships with most networks, offer premium network subscriptions such as Showtime, and now have more than 30 million subscribers. In 2019, they integrated with Disney and NBC Universal. They now also offer live television under the Hulu Plus plan.

They have a good track record of customer service with the majority of their subscribers happy with their service. They are known to be highly responsive and hold times are generally short. There are, however, times when there are longer wait times which can be aggravating. Most of the time, the hold times do not exceed 10 minutes. On those occasions when hold times are longer, you need an option that gives you a shortcut to the front of the queue.

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Hulu Customer Support Contact Number and Email

There is more than one .

You can reach Hulu customer service by dialing 1-888-265-6650.

You can send their customer service department an email at They are known to usually respond within 24 hours.

Where to Find Quick Help with Hulu Issues

To get quick help with your Hulu issues, you can check the Hulu help center at:

Hulu Corporate Address

Hulu Corporate Headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California.

Hulu Corporate Headquarters

2500 Broadway, Second Floor

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Main Number: (310) 571-4700

Hulu Executive Team

Key members of the executive leadership team are

Jim Earley


For those customer support issues that need to be elevated to the corporate level, you can contact:

Karen Van KirkVice President, Viewer Experience

2500 Broadway, Second Floor

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Annie LuoSenior Vice President of Operations

2500 Broadway, Second Floor

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Common Reasons People Contact Hulu Customer Service

Some of the most common reasons that subscribers service include:

  1. Have trouble starting a new subscription.
  2. Adjust their subscription by adding services to it.
  3. Downsize their subscriptions by eliminating services.
  4. Having trouble streaming shows.
  5. Canceling their subscription.
  6. Technical issues with their accounts.
  7. Payment problems with their accounts.
  8. Needing help setting up new devices or smart TVs.
  9. Resuming a canceled subscription.
  10. Putting their subscription on hold.

Get in Touch With Hulu Customer Service With the Help of DoNotPay

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Sometimes, there just isn't enough time to wait on hold for a customer service agent. While most call centers, Hulu's included, have an average hold time of 10 to 13 minutes, people tend to start getting restless after about 3 minutes. This is why DoNotPay developed their Skip Waiting on Hold tool. You won't have to wait in line again because DoNotPay is willing to do it for you. Let DoNotPay wait for your human contact for you. They will notify you when there is a live person on the other end of the line. When you use DoNotPay to shorten your wait time for customer service, you will spend less time on hold and more time doing the things you want to do. Can you imagine what it might be like to never have to sit and listen to repeated announcements and bad hold music ever again?

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