Verify AdSense Without a Phone Number

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How to Verify AdSense Without Giving Away Your Phone Number

It's really difficult to safeguard your privacy in a digital world. Our phones can provide entry into our personal and professional business, so it's no wonder that so many people worry about protecting their phone numbers. Releasing that number out into the world can lead to spam phone calls and random texts.

The problem is that many services, including AdSense, require a phone number to verify your identity when signing up. The good news is that DoNotPay is available to provide a temporary number so you can learn . This simple service lets you avoid expensive burner phones and can even help with temporary credit card details as well.

Why AdSense Asks for Phone Verification

AdSense gives online content sites an easy, free way to make money by making ad space available to the highest advertising bidder in a real-time auction. You get to pick where ads appear on your site, and you just include an ad code to do it. AdSense then takes care of all the billing and sends you a payment. There are some requirements needed for AdSense account verification:

  1. Having a phone number is required for AdSense phone verification.
  2. You'll also need a Google account and the mailing address connected to your bank account.

Google, which runs AdSense, explains that it requests phone numbers to verify each user's identity and protect everyone from spammers and robots.

To protect your information, DoNotPay can help you learn .

Avoiding Phone Verification

Many services in addition to AdSense require you to give your phone number when you sign up as a way of verifying your identity. To protect their privacy and not give out their phone number, people try all sorts of things, including the following:

  • using burner phones,
  • finding fake phone numbers,
  • using Google Voice, or
  • borrowing other people's phone numbers when signing up for a service like AdSense.

Other times, people don't have their phone with them, or the verification code never shows up. The problem could be on the phone owner's end if unknown numbers are blocked or Do Not Disturb is turned on. Or the problem could be on the service's end. DoNotPay's Customer Service feature can make calling AdSense or any other service to resolve these types of issues much easier.

How to Bypass AdSense Cell Phone Verification Using DoNotPay

With DoNotPay, you don 't have to go to the trouble of buying a real burner phone just to sign up and verify your identity for AdSense. The DoNotPay Burner Phone feature is faster, easier, and cheaper. The feature provides a temporary phone number for verification at AdSense and other subscriptions, dating apps, and services that require phone verification. The temporary phone number is good for just 10 minutes, protecting your privacy and preventing spam texts and calls.

Get Started With a DoNotPay Burner Phone Number

Here 's how to set up a DoNotPay Burner Phone Number so AdSense can verify your phone number without a phone:

Step 1Open up the DoNotPay Burner Phone product.
Step 2Select AdSense and then click on "Create a temporary number."
Step 3DoNotPay then generates your one-use burner phone number to use with AdSense.
Step 4Once you receive a text back from AdSense, DoNotPay will display the message received for that phone number.
Step 5After 10 minutes, the application will automatically delete the text and deactivate the number.

Check Out DoNotPay 's Virtual Credit Card

If you want to protect your phone number, you probably also like to protect your credit card numbers as well. You may use DoNotPay 's Virtual Credit Card to start a free trial without giving out your credit card info. There is no charge in setting up the trial and if you forget to cancel when it ends.

Here's how it works:

  1. DoNotPay generates a virtual credit card number.
  2. You use that number to sign up for a free trial.
  3. When the trial ends, you're automatically unsubscribed.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can help you sign up for Tinder, PayPal, or AdSense without giving out your phone number. It can also take care of other issues, from contesting parking tickets to protecting your work from copyright infringement. Check out DoNotPay in your , and try it for yourself.

DoNotPay can help with lots of issues in addition to verifying a phone number, including the following:

Check out DoNotPay today to sign up for AdSense and still protect your own phone number.

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