Learn How to Bypass Azure Phone Verification Effectively Using Burner Phones

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Using a Fake Number for Azure Adds a Layer of Protection for Your Personal Information

You want access to Azure to handle your cloud computing and help you create and manage apps that work with Microsoft's data centers. You're in the middle of creating an account when you realize you need to provide a phone number to get the verification code.

DoNotPay offers a Burner Phone service that helps you sidestep Azure's phone verification. Using a fake phone number, you can bypass the Azure phone verification process and still enjoy the perks of an Azure account while protecting your privacy.

Why People Use Burner Phones

You might think that only drug dealers and cheating spouses use burner phones. However, this isn't the case. Burner phones are becoming more popular with people who want to protect their personal phone numbers or use them solely for business purposes.

You can use the to create your Azure account and avoid any spam texts or calls. You create a firewall between your personal information and the Azure service. The Burner Phone service on the DoNotPay app gives you a number to use for verification in a few clicks.

Why Azure Asks for Phone Verification

Hackers have gotten better at attacking major corporations, and it falls to these companies to protect their client's personal information. Many have adopted phone verification as a way of deterring bots and hackers.

It's meant to be an extra layer of protection when creating an account on the Azure system. While you might understand Azure 's desire to safeguard your personal information, you still want to use the DoNotPay Burner Phone service to its verification system.

How You Can Avoid Phone Verification

With phone verification becoming more popular for companies to require when setting up accounts, you need to find a tried and true method for bypassing it and keeping your real phone number hidden. You are not alone. A few of the most popular ways people avoid phone verification include:

Using Google VoiceGetting Google Voice is free but while you can get an actual working phone number, you will still be risking your privacy unless you tweak some information on your Google account.
Borrowing the phone number of a friend or coworkerA downside of this is that the owner of the borrowed phone will be hit with a lot of spam text messages.
Utilizing fake phone numbers from GoogleA quick Google search will show numerous results for websites that offer fake phone numbers but not all of them are guaranteed to work.
Purchasing a burner phoneThis can be a costly method unless you have other uses for it.

DoNotPay allows you to create and use a fake phone number without spending a lot of money or upsetting your personal relationships.

Potential Issues With Phone Verification

As it becomes more and more common to complete a phone verification, you're going to need to provide a phone number when signing up for services, such as Azure. Phone verification is still in its infancy, and there are some common issues that people run into even with a temporary number, such as:

  • There are times when you don't have your phone with you or can't verify the number for some other reason, such as a dead battery.
  • You get a fake number from a banned website.
  • The verification code doesn't arrive due to a couple of reasons:
  • Your phone blocks unknown numbers or moves the code to a junk text folder.
  • Azure or some other company has an error on their part and never sends a verification code.

While DoNotPay can't solve an issue on the service company's part, a fake phone number from this app can solve some potential issues with phone verification.

Use DoNotPay To Sign Up for Azure Without a Phone Number

With minimal effort, you can use the DoNotPay app to produce a temporary, fake phone to verify your phone number and complete your Azure account registration. It only takes a few steps that include:

  1. After opening the DoNotPay app, click on the Burner Phone option.
  2. A list of companies appears, and you can select Azure from it.
  3. Press the "Create a temporary number" choice.
  4. DoNotPay produces a fake phone number for you to use for Azure.
  5. Use this number to verify your account with Azure.

You need to be at the stage where phone verification is required because the temporary phone number from DoNotPay lasts only 10 minutes.

Use a Virtual Credit Card to Increase Your Security

It isn't only your phone number that you need to protect. Your credit card number is also vulnerable each time you use it online. While companies go the extra mile to protect your information, it always seems like hackers are finding new ways to compromise your information.

A virtual credit card makes it easy to make a purchase online while masking your actual credit card number. The DoNotPay virtual credit card is assigned to a specific vendor and helps you create a maximum amount the vendor can charge onto it.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

In addition to virtual credit cards and fake phone numbers, DoNotPay offers a wealth of additional services to make your life easier. Here are a few to consider:

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