How to Verify a Badoo Account Without a Phone Number

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Verify Your Badoo Account Without Your Phone Number and Protect Your Personal Information

You want to create an account on Badoo to meet other single people, chat with them, and make a connection. However, you don't want to hand over any more personal information than you absolutely need to verify your account.

During the process of creating your Badoo account, the system needs to . So how do you get to meet new people without giving Badoo your actual phone number? DoNotPay has a Burner Phone service that you can use to create an account without revealing your information.

Why People Use Burner Phones

In the past, burner phones had a bad reputation. You hear about them on crime dramas when drug dealers or cheating spouses use them. More and more people are using burner phones to sign up for services while protecting their real numbers.

It's easy to create a Badoo account and start chatting with others while protecting your privacy using a fake phone number. Your new Badoo account is only a few clicks away with a burner phone service from DoNotPay.

Why Badoo Asks for Phone Verification

With privacy important to both you and Badoo, here are some of the reasons why they request phone verification when setting up an account:

  1. To create an extra layer of protection for your account and others on their site.
  2. The phone verification helps to block hackers and bots from hijacking your account, so you can spend your time meeting other singles and getting to know them.

When you use a burner phone, you get all the benefits without jeopardizing your privacy.

How You Can Avoid Phone Verification With Badoo

The good news is that there's a way you could and still enjoy dating and chatting with people from around the world. People use a variety of methods to secure a fake number. Here 's a look at a few of the most common ways that people obtain fake numbers:

Using GoogleGoogle can provide fake phone numbers, but you may still not be able to verify your account successfully using it.
Borrow a friend's phoneThis can cause a rift in your friendship if the other person starts getting a lot of spam texts.
Buying a burner phoneIf you don't actually need a burner phone other than to sign up for Badoo, this is a waste of money.
Using Google VoiceGoogle voice allows you to send or receive text messages. However, you still need a valid phone number to sign up for this service.

DoNotPay offers a fake phone number to help you set up a Badoo account and keep your personal one to yourself, save you money, and keep your friendships intact.

Potential Issues With Phone Verification

Badoo and other services use phone verification with the best of intentions, but that doesn't mean that there aren't problems with this protection protocol. Whether you use your real number or a temporary phone number , you might run into one of the following issues when verifying a Badoo account :

  • You can't find the verification code after Badoo sends it. This usually happens for one of two reasons;
  • A user error, where you blocked unknown numbers or the number went to the junk file.
  • Badoo didn't send the code due to an internal error on its website.
  • Some companies, including Twitter, have banned popular websites that create fake phone numbers.
  • You might not have your phone with you, so you can't see the verification code.

You can solve these problems with a fake phone number provided through the DoNotPay app.

Use DoNotPay to Verify Your Badoo Account Without a Phone Number

You might be thinking that creating a fake phone number is a lot of hassle. With DoNotPay, there are only a few steps to get you a number to verify your Badoo account.

  1. In the DoNotPay app, select the Burner Phone option.
  2. From the list of available businesses, select Badoo.
  3. Locate and select the "Create a temporary number" option.
  4. DoNotPay creates a temporary phone number for you to use to verify your account.
  5. Use the fake phone number to create and verify your Badoo account.

Make sure that you're ready to verify the number in the Badoo account because the number from DoNotPay expires after 10 minutes.

A Virtual Credit Card Increases Your Security

It isn't only your phone number that you can fake when signing up with Badoo. You can also opt for a virtual credit card that provides fake numbers connected to your real ones for more privacy. This layer of protection can limit the user to a specific vendor.

It's also possible with a virtual credit card to set a limit as to how much the vendor can charge to the virtual credit card. Your virtual card protects your private information from Badoo and any other vendor.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

More than a temporary phone number, DoNotPay offers you a myriad of services, such as:

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