How to Get Google Workspace Free Trial Without Adding Credit Card Payment Info

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How to Get Google Workspace Free Trial Without Adding Credit Card Payment Info

Google Workspace, formerly known as Google apps and later G suite, is a collection of all Web-based productivity and collaboration applications . First launched in 2006 as Google Apps, the Google Workspace collection contains all Google communication, employee engagement, storage, and content creation resources.

There are four packages of Google Workspace available for subscription-based purchases for Google users:

  1. Business Starter
  2. Business Standard
  3. Business Plus
  4. Enterprise

All the packages are available on mobile phones and tablets (iOS or Android) and Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

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What You Need To Know About the Google Workspace Free Trial

Google Workspace new users can enjoy 14 days of free access to all the Google Workspace products. You automatically start your when you sign up for Google Workspace services.

Your Google Workspace account can sustain up to 10 users. If you switch editions during your free trial, the unused days apply to your new subscription. You should verify your domain and add your preferred payment method within 9 days of starting your trial to avoid the cancellation of your account before the end of the free trial.

You are needed to submit your payment details while signing up. Your chosen payment method will not be charged until your free trial ends. You will be automatically billed when your free trial ends before you cancel your free trial subscription.

To avoid the automatic upgrade and billing, you should cancel your Google Workspace subscription during your free trial without any extra fee.

Will I Be Charged After the Google Workspace Free Trial Ends?

Your Google Workspace upgrades to a paid subscription after the free trial if you fail to cancel your subscription on time. If you have not added your banking details or verified your domain, your account will be automatically canceled at the end of the free trial.

Google Workspace will refund any unused credits through the payment method you used. You, however, need to wait till you are reimbursed before you can delete your account. It will take up to 4 weeks for your bank to process the refund request.

Here are steps you need to follow to cancel your Google Workspace subscription, free trial, or paid version:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console
  2. Sign in using an account with super administrator privileges, not as your current Google account
  3. On the Admin console Home page, go to "billing" and then "manage subscriptions"
  4. Click your subscription, then More and Cancel Subscription
  5. Input a reason for canceling and then click Continue
  6. Check the box to confirm you read the information and want to continue
  7. Enter your email address and then click Cancel My Subscription

How Much Does Google Workspace Cost After the Free Trial?

The following are the prices of the different Google Workspace plans:

  1. Enterprise
  • No fixed price; no limit on the number of users.
  • You will have to contact Google Sales for pricing.
  1. Business Plus
  • $18 per user per month, for up to 300 users
  1. Business Standard
  • $12 per user per month, for up to 300 users
  1. Business Starter
  • $6 per user per month, for up to 300 users

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