Complete Fiverr Phone Number Verification Without Using Your Real Number

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Accomplish Fiverr Phone Number Verification Without Using Your Real Number

Fiverr has been around for over a decade now. When it started in 2010, the idea of the gig economy (or independent contractors) was a bit new. But over the years, it has recorded year-over-year growth by connecting freelancers to employers worldwide.

One study revealed that the number of on-demand workers in the US will increase by about 10 million (or 20%) in 2022. Of course, a good percentage of these are looking to join Fiverr. Employers want to throw their nets wider to obtain more skilled independent workers. At the same time, freelancers themselves are trying new platforms to get noticed quickly.

If you're a freelancer yourself, you might need to open a Fiverr account. However, before the account becomes functional, you must first complete . A burner phone may help you accomplish the same with lesser perils, considering the growing privacy and safety implications of using your actual number for similar proof.

Why Use Disposable Phone Number for Fiverr Verification

Many people agree that they need anonymity. You can get the assurance of this by avoiding sharing your data, such as primary email and actual phone numbers, somewhere they can potentially be stolen. Besides, you would like to maintain your privacy as much as possible when transacting online. Temporary phone numbers can help you avoid spam texts, robocalls, and annoying marketing campaign text messages.

Why Fiverr Requires You to Verify Your Phone Number

With so many people using Fiverr to advance their careers or business, the company finds it necessary to make sure, as much as possible, that every person is who they say they are. That is why it will require you to verify your email as well as your phone number. Other reasons may include:

  • Dodging automated software from shutting down the platform by sending multiple concurrent requests.
  • For contact purposes, in case support needs to get something through.
  • To help with account recovery.

While Fiverr means well when asking for your phone number confirmation, it has little to no control to prevent spammers and hackers posing as clients or freelancers from accessing your number.

Risks of Using Your Real Number for Fiverr Phone Number Verification

There are several risks you 're taking when you use your phone number to sign up for a Fiverr account, including:

  1. If a cyber invader gains access to your phone number, they can compromise your Fiverr account and use it for fraudulent activities like scamming clients or your remote workers.
  2. Your online activities might be tied with your phone number and sold to lead-generation marketing, exposing your privacy.
  3. If your account is hacked, the criminal might swap your phone number and use it to scam your family members, friends, or colleagues. They might also gain access to other online accounts that you have signed up with using the same phone number.

Get Fiverr Verification Code Using a Temporary Phone Number

To avoid all these hassles, you can decide to use a disposable mobile phone number to verify your Fiverr account. You have a few cards up your sleeve to win Fiverr's trust. Here are some:

Buy a Physical Burner PhoneWhile this is a straightforward and efficient method, we don't recommend it, especially if you only want to use it once. This solution is not ideal because burner phones are not economical and only make sense if you're looking for a long-term solution.
Google Voice Temporary NumberYou can generate a free fake phone number using Google Voice. Note that to accomplish this, you must have an existing Google account and provide your actual number if you need to receive calls.
Free WebsitesWhen you Google something like "fake phone number," you can get many options. But very few work, and some may require you to provide your phone number or email before getting the fake phone number.
DoNotPay Fake Number Mobile AppYour is not working? Don’t worry. Our app can help you when everything else has failed. Generate multiple disposable phone numbers right from your Android or IOS smartphone.

Use DoNotPay Burner Phone to Verify Your Fiverr Account

Create a fake burner phone to verify your Fiverr account or other online accounts in an easy five-step process that will take you less than 5 minutes.

  1. Open the DoNotPay Burner Phone App or visit the DoNotPay website.
  2. Choose the service or company you want to use the number for.
  3. Click "create phone number" to generate your valid disposable phone number.
  4. Share the phone number with the service you're verifying, and you will receive an SMS or confirmation code.
  5. Give the company the code. Congratulations! You have successfully verified your Fiverr account (or any other account in that matter, e.g., Gmail, Twitter, Netflix, and dating apps).

Important reminder: DoNotPay phone number is only valid for ten minutes and can only be used once. After that, it gets deactivated, but you can get another one (or multiple) when you need it within the same month.

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