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How to Contact Fifth Third Bank the Easy Way

Let's cut to the chase—here's theat Fifth Third Bank: 1-800-972-3030. That should be the hard part since companies these days hide their phone numbers like they're the last clue on a scavenger hunt. But no, the hard part is getting an actual human being on the other end of the phone because sometimes you just need to talk to a person.

Banks across the US have been shrinking their personnel teams for years— they're expensive and need shelter, so the bean counters at the banks think that automated systems are cheaper to run. Maybe, but it drives customers crazy to punch in irrelevant numbers for days, only to be told that the "call volume is higher than usual." Mostly because they fired all the people, but that doesn't help you get your problem solved. DoNotPay has a solution to that, so keep reading to learn how to get to the right people at 5/3 Bank (Third National and Fifth National merged in Cincinnati in the 1920s).

Other Ways to Reach Fifth Third Customer Service

Going to your isn't even a real option anymore; many 5/3 locations are either temporarily closed because of Covid or permanently closed because the bank is really scaling down branches. Sadly, your only choice is an impersonal one, but at least with a phone call, you get a person. Eventually.

The bank has other ways for customers to get in touch online.

OnlineSend an email through the site portal. The problem here is that they only respond during business hours.
ChatboxThat will typically route you back to customer service if you need anything more detailed than the closest ATM.
Send a letter to Fifth Third Bank Corporate HeadquartersThis can take weeks if you're not in Cincinnati, and it's unlikely you will get a timely response. An old-fashioned letter to the President is a good way to express your opinion if there are no time constraints.

Fifth Third Bank

38 Fountain Square Plaza

Cincinnati, Ohio 45263

The thing is if you're taking the time to call 5/3, you really need answers now—not tomorrow. So—a phone call is your only option for a timely resolution.

Fifth Third Customers Are Still a Little Wary and Want Answers Now

If you've only been a 5/3 customer for a year or so, you might not know about the banking scandal in 2020. Federal regulators found that 5/3 employees were opening fraudulent accounts for customers (credit cards, online banking, and other products) without their consent or knowledge. The Wells Fargo fraud case was a lot bigger and got most of the attention, but 5/3 customers are still smarting from this fraud. You'd think that with this history, they would want more humans in Customer Service, but they still put you through the runaround.

Leverage Your Problem With Social Media

The same technology that lets banks like 5/3 give you the customer service runaround can be your best friend—if you know how to leverage it through social media. If you don't get anywhere on the phone or on the Fifth Third help page, hit them up in public through;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Here are some tips for using that social megaphone.

  1. Be polite and respectful, but outline your problem or concern online—it's amazing how quickly companies respond to a public calling-out.
  2. Post your complaint or issue on several sites—you want a large and diverse audience. If 5/3 has a Reddit page, post to that forum, too. Don't forget their LinkedIn page—that's a terrible place for bad PR.
  3. Be specific about the problem, and stick to the facts.
  4. Since your personal information is involved, outline the problem in broad strokes—the last thing you want is for a hacker to break into your accounts.

Skip the Line With DoNotPay

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Here’s How You Can Get DoNotPay to Wait for You

Here's how to get started/Here's how you can use DoNotPay to skip Fifth Third's phone queue:

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