The Most Secure Fake Phone Numbers For Website Entry—Generate Now

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How to Get Fake Phone Numbers For Website Entry Hassle-Free

Sharing your phone number online can be risky business regarding privacy and security. However, most websites now require your number for verification, even just requesting information. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround for this dilemma. By using a fake phone number for website entry, you will never have to submit your number to sites again.

Why Do Websites Want Your Phone Number for Entry?

Unless you expect the company to contact you by phone, you may wonder why websites require your phone number. Here are some common reasons they need you to enter this information:

  • Verification that you are not a bot.
  • For security purposes, they can text you a code before allowing you to reset your password and username.
  • It prevents users from having multiple accounts through email alone since the phone number is unique.

Reasons to Use a Fake Phone Number for Website Entry

Many companies use phone numbers to identify and track us to target their advertising, mainly since your mobile number follows you everywhere you go. However, others will not care about respecting your privacy. The following are valid reasons why you should use a fake number for :

  1. Avoid nuisance sales calls and texts from the business.
  2. Many website businesses sell phone numbers to other advertisers, which results in even more nuisance calls.
  3. If your phone number falls into the wrong hands, scammers and spammers can inundate you with nuisance text messages and calls.

Other Ways to Bypass Using Your Phone Number for Website Entry

There are other methods available to avoid entering your phone number on websites. These include the following common ways:

  • Enter someone else's phone number.
  • Purchase a burner phone with an untraceable prepaid number.
  • Use Google to find fake phone numbers.
  • Use fake phone number apps.

Potential Issues With Other Phone Number Bypass Methods

The above methods each have their share of problems when attempting to bypass a website 's phone number field.

Use Someone Else's PhoneIf you need a verification code, you are dependent on the phone's owner for it. Otherwise, you will not have access to log back into the website.
Burner PhonesBurner phones are expensive and not cost-effective to use for this purpose alone. The prepaid minutes eventually expire and must be repurchased.
Google Fake Phone NumbersFake phone numbers from Google searches are often unreliable. The current owners of these numbers can use your information to spam text you.
Number Generating WebsitesFake phone number apps have limited free trials and then charge a subscription fee to continue using.

Use DoNotPay to Get a Fake Phone Number

DoNotPay offers a convenient solution to obtaining a without paying for an expensive burner phone. Follow the steps below to get the temporary phone number that you can use for website entry.

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser.
  2. Choose the company you want to use the number for and click "Create a temporary number."
  3. DoNotPay will generate a new burner number that you can use for the website.
  4. After receiving a text, DoNotPay will display the message under the temporary number.
  5. The number is intended for one-time use, so the text is automatically deleted, and the number is deactivated after 10 minutes.

Use DoNotPay 's Virtual Credit Card to Sign Up for Various Services

Many subscription websites require a credit card for a free trial period, with the option to cancel before your card is charged. However, it is easy to forget to cancel the service before the auto-renewal paid subscription begins. To make matters worse, contacting the company to reverse the charges often isn't that simple .

You can use DoNotPay 's virtual credit card without revealing your real bank card information to avoid this situation. The virtual credit card uses a random number generator to create a temporary account number wherever credit card information is needed. The number can only be used for one transaction and one merchant, with a predetermined amount you specify. This prevents websites from charging you auto-renewal fees after their free trials have expired.

With DoNotPay's virtual credit card, you can safely sign up for any trial subscription, including premium services offered by YouTube, Discord, Instagram, and dating services.

Additional Tasks DoNotPay Can Help You With

In addition to providing you with fake phone numbers and virtual credit card numbers for websites, DoNotPay offers a full range of many other helpful services and advice.

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