Easiest and Best Way to Use a Fake Number for Telegram

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Use a Fake Number for Your Telegram Account and Protect Your Personal Information

With a Telegram account, you have a new way to message your friends, enjoy encrypted video conferencing, and share files. However, you need to provide phone verification to start with Telegram, and you don't want to share your personal information.

You might worry that you'll receive a slew of spam or annoying calls that can't be stopped. DoNotPay offers a burner phone product that has you covered with a temporary while keeping your phone number to yourself.

Why People Use Burner Phones

In the past, when you wanted to sign up for a service without providing your real phone number, you'd change a number or two. Examples of apps that require phone verification:

Social mediaFacebook, Instagram
Subscription services and other appsAppStore, Exercise apps, PayPal
Messaging appsTelegram, Messenger, Gmail

Burner phones make it easy to sign up for dating websites, Telegram, and other messaging services, subscription websites, and email while protecting your privacy. You can sign up for Telegram with a burner phone and use it for verification without giving your real info.

Why Telegram Asks for Phone Verification

It's annoying and frustrating when you're registering for a new Telegram account, and you need to stop and verify your phone number. Why do they do this? Telegram and other companies do this to help protect your account and others using the service. The phone verification blocks hackers and bots. A burner phone is your hack for creating your new Telegram account without providing your actual phone number for the verification process.

How You Can Avoid Phone Verification

You aren't the first person who wants to sign up for Telegram to enjoy messaging friends and sharing files with them without sharing your phone number. So how do we do just that? Here 's a look at some ways people are verifying their phone numbers for Telegram accounts without using their real ones:

  • Sign up for and use Google Voice.
  • Use Google to find a fake phone number.
  • Use your friend's phone.
  • Buy a burner phone, which costs money and might be a waste if you can't use it for another purpose.

You don't want to waste money or alienate close friends. Fake phone numbers are available in other ways.

Potential Issues with Phone Verification

Telegram isn't the only website or subscription service that requires phone verification to establish an account. If you've signed up for enough of them, you already know that there's a host of potential issues with this type of verification even with a temporary phone number, such as:

  1. You request a verification number, but it doesn't arrive. Reasons this happens include:
  2. There's a problem with the sender's system and a code doesn't arrive.
  3. Your phone blocks unknown numbers or the verification code goes to a junk or spam folder.
  4. Your phone isn't with you.
  5. The fake phone number you use comes from a banned website. Twitter and other social media companies have started banning numbers from certain websites known to create fake numbers.

With a fake phone number from DoNotPay, you can avoid these potential issues.

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Telegram without a Phone Number

Create your new Telegram account without providing your real number when you use DoNotPay for a temporary number. It's quick and easy to do with these steps:

  1. In the DoNotPay app, select the Burner Phone Option.
  2. You'll see a list of available companies.
  3. On the "Create a temporary number" option, click Telegram.
  4. The DoNotPay system generates a number to share with Telegram.
  5. Finish the sign-up process with Telegram using this number.

You need to be ready to accept the phone verification number quickly since the fake number only lasts 10 minutes.

Take Your Security to the Next Level with a Virtual Credit Card

DoNotPay is ready to help you improve your security with virtual credit cards. With a virtual credit card number, you give a temporary credit card number to a vendor to charge something to your real credit card.

The vendor never has access to your true credit card number, and you make the virtual card good only for a specific vendor. You can also set a limit for how much money that specific vendor charges to the virtual credit card. The card protects your personal information while signing up for services, such as Telegram, or making online purchases.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay does more than number and credit card information. Other services include:

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