How to Cancel Your EE Contract in a Breeze

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How to Cancel Your EE Contract Easily

First, understand that EE is a huge mobile network services vendor with millions of customers in the UK. The company is the result of a merger between T-Mobile and Orange. Currently, EE is also expanding 4G operations throughout Europe.

As much as that is the case, all good things come to an end. Probably, you wish to sync your provider across all your devices and home broadband, or you have found a better deal. As such, insight into will be critical no matter the reason behind taking such an action.

It is also worth mentioning that DoNotPay withdraws the burden of cancelling such a contract yourself, making it a reliable solution.

Different Ways to Cancel Your EE Contract

Can You Cancel EE Contract ViaYes/No
Company Website/ Support Form (or another alternative method)Yes

1. In-Store

over the phone or online is possible if you took it out using either of these options. However, you will only have 14 days to cancel your EE contract if you set up a plan in a store.

Note that cancelling your contract, in this case, can only happen if the coverage fails to meet your expectations or if there are underlying issues. You can also get a refund by returning any accessories, devices, and your receipt to the nearest EE store.

Understand that the items you return to the EE store near you should be in a resalable condition, and the company may make deductions to your refund. The deduction covers the cost of network services for the remaining days of your contract.

2. By Phone

Here are a few things worth noting when cancelling your EE contract by phone.

  • You need to call an EE agent to speak to them about cancelling your contract. You should also have your EE account number, name, EE phone number, and address at hand for the agent to locate your contract. The agent may also help you review the terms before confirming your cancellation.
  • Getting close to a full refund when cancelling your EE contract within 14 days is possible, and you will incur charges for any services you have already used. You also need to return an EE phone within 30 days if you have one.
  • Although EE will send you the packaging to use, in this case, payment for return postage will be your responsibility.
  • Notifying EE of your intent to cancel 30 days in advance is not an option. That should happen after the first 14 days of using the firm's service. Understand that the notice period begins the date EE confirms your cancellation request, and it applies even when your minimum term is ending.
  • An early termination charge from EE will also be included when you decide to end your contract early. The cancellation fee is calculated by working out the charges for your pending term. A 4% early payment discount and VAT are also deducted from the total amount.
  • That suggests that you will pay more by cancelling your EE contract earlier. So, it is wise to cancel your EE contract once it expires to avoid unnecessary expenses.

3. Cancelling Online

Logging into your "My EE" account through the company's website allows you to view the terms of your EE mobile contract. In that case, you can tell how long you have left by viewing your contract and bills. That, in turn, will help you calculate the charges for early termination.

Therefore, you will not need to call an EE agent to check these details with them since that becomes necessary only when you decide to cancel your contract. Additionally, if you prefer, you can cancel your EE contract online.

On the other hand, the live chat option on the firm's site allows you to access further guidance before cancelling your EE contract. Otherwise, you should notify EE in writing by email if you wish to cancel your contract.

A form is available on the company's website that outlines the details you need to provide, and you can fill it in and upload it as an attachment. Once you send your EE cancellation request, the team that handles such issues will contact you to confirm the following.

  • When you should expect the final bill from EE.
  • The procedure for returning any EE equipment in your possession.
  • Charges for early termination.

Do not forget to request a PAC if you wish to use your phone number on a different network.

Insight Into Cancelling EE Contract Using DoNotPay

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