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How to Cancel Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power is a nationwide home energy platform allowing its users to invest in green energy. Their subscribers only have to connect their utility account to Arcadia and will gain access to clean energy and lower power bills.

Choose DoNotPay to Cancel Your Arcadia Power Subscription Even Faster

If you are not in the mood to draft emails or deal with customer support over the phone, use DoNotPay to terminate your Arcadia Power subscription within three minutes.

Just follow these steps:

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  2. Tap Find Hidden Money
  3. Enter Arcadia Power as the name of the service

The app will send you a notification as soon as your subscription to Arcadia Power is canceled.

Can I Cancel My Arcadia Power Account?

With Arcadia, you can cancel your account any time in several different ways.

Can You Cancel With

Yes / No










Cancel Arcadia Power via Email

To cancel your Arcadia Power account via email, do the following:

  1. Use the subject line: Cancel My Account
  2. Include info related to your contract
  3. Send an email to

Cancel Arcadia Power Over the Phone

You can also contact customer support over the phone. To do this, dial 1 (866) 526-0083 during business days and get instructions on how to cancel your subscription

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How Does Arcadia Power Payment Work?

The central concept of how Arcadia Power works is that you have to connect your utility account with your Arcadia account. By doing this, you give Arcadia Power access to your usage statistics and your billing details.

From the moment you join, you stop paying your utility provider for electricity. Instead, you pay Arcadia, and they will then pay your energy bill on your behalf.

This means that your utility provider still decides on most of the rules—prorated refunds, late payments, and service suspension.

Arcadia is a mediator in this case, but one that can help you make use of clean energy and offer three plans:

  • Free Plan—in which 50% of your energy consumption is matched with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at no charge
  • Basic Plan—which lets you determine what percentage of your energy consumption should be matched with RECs. The pricing establishes that you pay 1.5 cents more per kWh
  • Premium Plan—Your energy usage is wholly matched with RECs. This means that you’ll pay an additional 1.5 cents per kWh

Do Basic and Premium Arcadia Power Plans Renew Automatically?

Yes, the subscription is auto-renewed each month, and your card will be charged automatically.

Is There a Way to Pause Arcadia Power Subscription?

No, you can cancel it anytime, but there is no option for pausing it.

What Do Arcadia Power Charges Look Like in My Statement?

The charges will be visible on your credit card statement. This is how they may look:

arcadiapower arcadiapow arcadiapowerARCADIA POWER, I CO REF- ARCADIA TRANSACARCADIAPOWER ARCADIAP DC Card 15 #7090
arcadiapower arcadiapowARCADIAPOWER 8665260083, DC, USARCADIAPOWER 4656

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