Dallas County Jail Inmate Phone Calls Explained

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Everything You Need To Know About Dallas County Jail Inmate Phone Calls

Maintaining contact with prison inmates is what helps them cope better with the stress of confinement.

You can offer them support by visiting, sending them packages, writing to them, or accepting phone calls from them.

DoNotPay walks you through everything you need to know about Dallas County Jail inmate phone calls.

The DoNotPay Inmate Locator

Before you decide to accept inmate phone calls, you should know where they are located. Interstate phone calls can be much more expensive than intrastate ones.

In case you are not sure how to find an inmate, DoNotPay can assist you.

Our app has introduced a phenomenal product—Connect With an Inmate—that can locate any inmate for you regardless of what correctional facility in the U.S. they are in.

To give it a go, open a DoNotPay account in your and:

  1. Select Locate Someone in the Connect With an Inmate tab
  2. Provide the inmate’s name and the state they are in
  3. Submit the request

DoNotPay will give you the current location of the incarcerated individual within seconds.

Key Notions To Keep in Mind Regarding Dallas County Inmate Phone Calls

Inmates housed in any of the Dallas County Jail facilities have the privilege of making phone calls to people outside of prison, but they have to mind the following:

  • They can only make phone calls to the people on their approved contact list
  • All calls are recorded and subject to monitoring
  • Any misuse of telephone privileges may result in them being revoked or additional charges being filed against the inmate

What Are Dallas County Jail Inmate Phone Services?

Dallas County Jail has contracted Securus Technologies to provide phone services to inmates and their loved ones outside of prison.

To use the Securus services, an individual has to register on the Securus Online platform. You can do so:

  • Online
  • By calling 1-800-844-6591

The phone products that Securus Technologies offers are:

  1. AdvanceConnect
  2. Direct Bill
  3. Securus Debit

AdvanceConnect Account

An AdvanceConnect account is a prepaid phone account that enables intimates’ family and friends to receive collect calls from prison inmates. Approved individuals can receive calls from prison as long as they have funds available in their accounts.

The benefits include:

  • Multiple phone numbers can be added to or removed from the account
  • The inmate may call any number on the list
  • The account holder can access their account 24/7

To open it, you will need to provide the following details:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Passcode (PIN)
  • Email Address
  • Telephone number
  • The facility the inmate is housed in

Direct Bill Account

A Direct Bill account allows family and friends to receive collect calls from their imprisoned loved ones with charges billed to the account holder each month. To have their Direct Bill account approved, the account holder must pass a credit check.

The benefits of a Direct Bill are:

  • Multiple phone numbers added to the account
  • No minimum payment amount
  • 24/7 access to the account
  • Monthly bill statement of call activity

Calls can be received as long as the bill is paid in full.

You’ll need the following to open a Direct Bill account:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Passcode (PIN)
  • Email Address
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Telephone number
  • The facility the inmate is housed in

Securus Debit Account

A Securus Debit account is an inmate-owned prepaid account that enables prison inmates to make calls to their loved ones and pay for them from their account balance.

Depending on the facility regulations, family and friends may deposit money to the inmate’s Securus Debit account, or inmates may fund their accounts from their commissary accounts.

The advantages of a Debit account are:

  • Prison inmates can call anyone on their approved contact list
  • Family and friends don’t have to open their own prepaid accounts
  • Funds in a Debit account are the property of the inmate

Family and friends can add funds to the inmate’s account in the following ways:

  • Via the Securus website
  • By phone at 1-800-844-6591
  • Online banking
  • MoneyGram
  • At lobby kiosks at designated correctional facilities
  • Mailing a cashier’s check, personal check, or money order to: Securus Debit Account

PO Box 975420

Dallas, TX 75397-5420

The Services That Securus Provides in Dallas County Jail Facilities

The services that Securus Technologies provides to inmates in Dallas County vary by facility.

You can see an overview of Securus products provided in Dallas County Jail’s facilities in the table below.

Dallas County Jail FacilitySecurus Phone Products Provided

Dallas County Suzanne Lee Kays Detention Center

  • AdvanceConnect
  • Direct Bill
  • Securus Debit

Dallas County Cook Chill

  • AdvanceConnect
  • Direct Bill

Dallas County Lew Sterrett North Tower

  • AdvanceConnect
  • Direct Bill
  • Securus Debit

Dallas County Lew Sterrett West Tower

  • AdvanceConnect
  • Direct Bill
  • Securus Debit

Dallas County George Allen Jail

  • AdvanceConnect
  • Direct Bill

What Are the Securus Product Rates in Dallas County Jail?

As jails and telephone companies are making a huge profit from inmate calls, numerous criminal justice reform groups and Dallas citizens insisted on reducing call rates. The Dallas County Commissioners Court gave a unanimous vote to the County’s forgoing an annual profit of 2.4 million dollars in exchange for lowered inmate phone call costs.

Until February 2020, it cost $0.24 per minute for inmate phone calls, whereas the fee for a 15-minute phone call was $3.60.

The prices have dropped since then. The rates are amongst the lowest in the U.S. at $0.01 per minute or about $0.18 per 15-minute call.

Get in Touch With Your Loved Ones via DoNotPay

Other than having phone conversations with your incarcerated friend or family, you can contact them via DoNotPay regardless of where they are—be it Dallas County Jail or any other.

Our Connect With an Inmate service facilitates contact with prison inmates by enabling you to write letters to them.

The service allows you to send and receive electronic letters, whereas your prison pen pal will be getting and sending printed versions.

All you need to do is access DoNotPay from your and take the following steps:

  1. Open Connect With an Inmate and click on Send a Personalized Letter
  2. Follow the steps to input the inmate’s name, ID, and the facility they are located in
  3. Type in the text or upload an attachment
  4. Embed any photos you’d like to share
  5. Confirm if you want to receive replies from the individual
  6. Submit the letter

You will also have the option to choose a letter customization template. Before selecting one, check out the Dallas County inmate mail rules if your pen pal is housed in any Dallas County correctional facility.

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