What's Credit Karma's Customer Service Number?

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What's Credit Karma's Customer Service Number?

Credit Karma provides assistance applying for loans and credit cards and a variety of financial advice. If you are using their services (or curious about them), then you probably want to know how to contact if you need it. Contacting customer service can be a real pain. Often, you are left on hold for hours trying to contact a real person (only to be hung up on when you do) or lost in the depths of a phone tree that repeats what's on their website.

Credit Karma is even worse. Their website hides any ability to contact them at all unless you are logged in (not helpful if you are trying to find out how useful their services might be to you). There is no phone number listed on their website.

Credit Karma Support Contact Number and Email

Officially, Credit Karma provides phone support only to people who have a Credit Karma Visa Debit Card, through the number on the card (this is decidedly unhelpful if the reason you want to call them is that you have lost your card). The internet does give 1-888-882-9277 as a potential toll-free support number, but other sites say there is no such number.

Other than that their support page tries to steer you to pre-written articles but does give a Contact Us option that directs you to a contact form for "Member Support." They also give no email for customer support. They don't promise to respond in any particular time frame.

In short, you can only contact Credit Karma through:

  • A phone number is provided only to certain customers (although it still might be possible to find it).
  • A website contact form that may or may not get a response.

Where To Find Quick Help for Your Credit Karma Problems

Credit Karma and quick help don't seem to go together. With no good phone help option except for a subset of customers, you might feel that there is no way to find them quickly.

However, there is always the option of contacting them through their social media feeds. They have a Twitter feed, although messaging is turned off leaving you with no option other than to @mention them publicly. Their Facebook page does potentially have a Message option, and they do appear to respond to comments made on their feed.

Where Is Credit Karma’s Corporate Headquarters?

Sometimes writing corporate is the only way to get a response, or you might even want to file in small claims court. For this, you need the corporate address, which is:

Credit Karma

1100 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94607

There is also a phone number for corporate, although it is not toll-free. It is 415-675-1493.

Common Reasons People Contact Credit Karma Support

Most of the complaints on their Facebook page appear to be about frozen accounts or about the fact that their tax service has apparently declined in quality significantly. However, these complaints are from people who have a more serious issue and have already had no luck with regular customer support.

Credit Karma offers a wide variety of products and does provide simple help on their website. You might want to because you are having a technical problem with the platform, because something looks strange in your account, or because you need help understanding a product beyond what is already posted.

Get in Touch With Credit Karma Customer Service Using DoNotPay

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