How to Use Chat GPT Without a Phone Number

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How to Use Chat GPT Without a Phone Number

Have you ever been curious to try out Chat GPT, artificial intelligence’s best-kept secret? If you have, but have been stopped by the thought of providing a phone number, DoNotPay can help!

With the help of DoNotPay, get access to Chat GPT fast — in a secure, verified manner.

What is Phone Verification?

Phone verification is a simple solution to addressing issues of privacy, fraud, and identity theft. In an increasingly modern world, many social media sites and other online services require the use of an individual phone number to prove your identity. Below, find some steps that are taken by service providers to verify an account:

  1. Obtaining a Number: To access Chat GPT, you’ll need to create an account by providing a phone number and entering your personal information.
  2. Sending a Code: The software will then send you a unique code, usually a combination of numbers and letters or either, to verify that you are the individual who has access to the account you are attempting to use.
  3. Receiving the Code: Receiving the code is a crucial step — without a code, you will not be able to access any services. This is self-explanatory; you are getting a code on your cellular device, to verify that your account on Chat GPT is associated with you.
  4. Matching Identities: Chat GPT will then verify your identity through their online system, and allow you to access innovative artificial intelligence technology.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Phone Verification for Chat GPT

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks of phone verification for Chat GPT, and they read as follows:

Easy Verification: Easy to verify a user’s identity, prove that fraud is not occurring and access servicesPersonal Information: Requires the conveyance of personal information, of which there is no knowledge of storage.
Stores Data: Creates a log of prior Chat GPT searches, history related to “liked” topics and even suggestions for titles for projects. Laws: Storage protection laws do not extend beyond the physical world; with the rise in artificial intelligence, you risk data leaks and breeches tenfold, or even the exposure of sensitive information
Rapid Access: Fast to access, does not require external authentication that extends beyond a text or messageJob and Life Impact: Considering the reality of Chat GPT, links with artificial intelligence technology can impact your career, or even your ability to get a job.

Why Does Chat GPT Require Phone Number Verification

Chat GPT requires phone verification for a variety of reasons, but there are three main realities that are known when it comes to understanding how, and why:

  • Security: To promote intellectual property security Chat GPT uses verification to ensure that its security system is well protected, as well as ensuring the interests of consumers are covered.
  • Control: The process of verification allows for control over the access and use of a particular service, and can also help implement better serving infrastructure based on needs.
  • Data Storage: Data storage is important - for an artificial intelligence algorithm to work, it needs information to feed off of. What better information than yours!

Services Blocked by Chat GPT

Chat GPT is always one step ahead of the game, blocking most non-VOIP phone numbers in a manner that ensures their security and privacy will always be upheld. Below, find a list of service providers whose services are entirely blocked by Chat GPT, with some alternatives that do not quite fix the situation:

Common Services that are Blocked:

  • Google Voice
  • Dingtone
  • TextNow

Alternatives to these Services:

  • Snapchat’s artificial intelligence robot: This is NOT Chat GPT, but an alternative developed by Snapchat
  • Random Online Generators: Although it is not guaranteed that the services will work, random online generators are instrumental in providing non-VOIP numbers, but Chat GPT has a limited success rate with these
  • Artificial intelligence alternative services: Alternatives to artificial intelligence are always attainable through online service providers and even phone applications.

All of these solutions are great but do not cater to the issue of accessibility.

DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Solution

offers a cutting-edge burner phone service, that can be accessed directly from our DoNotPay app. With this, use ChatGPT without a phone number easily! Here’s how:

  1. Launch: Launch the and select your preferred service provider or proceed to the next step, and select a country if applicable
  2. Opt: Opt for “Choose a New Phone Number” to activate our burner phone service, ensuring a secure and anonymous new phone number
  3. Use: That’s all! With DoNotPay, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

To stronghold our promise of security, DoNotPay’s phone numbers will automatically erase text messages, ensuring your privacy is protected. Going further, the line will even be deactivated 10 minutes after a period of activity, so rest assured that your accounts are in good hands!

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