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How to Reach CarMax Customer Service Fast and Easy

CarMax is a vehicle retailer company that is based in the United States. They began their retail operations in 1993 in Richmond, Virginia, and have grown to become the largest retailer of used vehicles. The firm operates two sales operations: CarMax Sales Operations (CSO) and CarMax Auto Finance (CAF). The sales segment comprises merchandising as well as service operations. On the other hand, the CAF segment provides vehicle financing to clients who buy retailer vehicles.

If you have a query, CarMax permits you to at any time and get your problem attended to. However, CarMax is a large entity that serves many customers from different walks of life, and thus the calling intensity is high. You might be forced to make so many calls to get through . If you are tired of wasting time glued to your phone waiting for customer care to respond, you can use DoNotPay's Skip Waiting On Hold product which makes the call and waits on your behalf.

How Can You Contact CarMax?

You can reach CarMax customer care through the company's main number: 804-747-0422 or customer care number: (913) 982-8863 or the toll-free: (800) 519-1511. You can also reach the company through its email address available on its official website.

The probability of having your call picked depends on the call traffic at the time of your call.

Averagely, you wait for 28 minutes for a customer support agent to respond to you. Take note that the customer support might be experiencing technical problems; you have to wait for long hours in such a case.

CarMax customer care works from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm, Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm. Unfortunately, CarMax does not offer live chat, and thus your call time is restricted to customer care service time.

You are advised to describe your question in detail to get appropriate help from customer care- In other words, be specific with the issue you want to be helped with.

Learn Where to Get a Fast Response From Customer Care

Though calling customer care is the easy way, it does not offer a fast response. So, what else? It's the company's social media platform, such as

In the current era characterized by massive competition, CarMax would not want its reputation to be tarnished in the public eye. Therefore, when you post your issue on the company's social media platforms, be sure to get a fast response. Post it in the company public arena, not privately: private requests might take longer to be replied to.

Additionally, not all the time the customer care is available, which makes social media platforms the best avenue to air your issues and get them addressed faster and appropriately.

CarMax Corporate Address

Street Address12800 Tuckahoe Creek Pkwy
Phone(804) 747-0422
Number of Employees15460
Contact NameThomas Folliard
Twitter ID@CarMax
Fax(804) 217-6819
Zip Code23238
State VA

Common Asked Questions to the CarMax Support

Most people contact CarMax customer service to inquire about the following things:

  • Does CarMax own the car I see online?
  • What does it mean by certified CarMax cars?
  • Do you have tools to help me find the right car suitable for my budget?
  • If I see a car online, can I physically see it before making a final decision?

Does CarMax Own the Car I See Online?

Yes. Unless otherwise described, every car you see on the company platform belongs to them. All the cars you see on the company website are located in the company store.

What Does It Mean by Certified CarMax Cars?

It means all the cars sold by the company are proficient and have no flood, frame damage, salvage history, and more. All the cars have been verified and passed a 125+ point inspection and reconditioning process.

Do You Have Tools to Help Me Find the Right Car Suitable for My Budget?

The company provides several tools that you can use to calculate your budget estimate and know which car you qualify for. You can use a car payment calculator or get pre-approved and know which inventory meets your budget.

If I See a Car Online, Can I Physically See It before Making a Final Decision?

Yes. Every car you spot in the online company store is available in the company store, and thus you can go in person and test it before purchase.

Contact CarMax Customer Service by Yourself

You can contact CarMax customer support through their customer number or a toll-free number available in the company contact center. However, be sure to wait for a long time before your call is directed to a customer support agent.

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Contact CarMax Customer Service Using DoNotPay

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