Cancel Bupa Health Insurance in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Cancel Bupa Health Insurance

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Bupa is an international health care company that offers health insurance, health provision and aged care. They serve around 38 million customers globally and are headquartered in the U.K.

What are Bupa Health Insurance Cancellation Policies?

Bupa insurance allows cancellation within 21 days after their cover has started or after you have received the policy document. You will receive a full refund when you cancel within 21 days, provided you have not made any claims.

They, however, restrict the cancellation of a domestic policy to the policyholder. An overseas student or visitor wishing to cancel their subscription with Bupa can use an authorised third party to cancel.

How to Cancel Bupa Health Insurance

There are several ways of .You can do it via phone, or fill out an online cancellation form.

Cancellation via Phone

Suppose you are a domestic customer or an overseas visitor looking to cancel your Bupa subscription. In that case, you can reach out to Bupa customer care by calling 0345 609 0111 or 134 135 (for residents of Australia) and follow the process below.

  1. Give the agent your details and policy number
  2. Request them to cancel your health insurance
  3. Explain why you want to cancel the health insurance. The agent might persuade you to reconsider cancelling, so you need to be assertive.
  4. Request them to send you an email confirming that you have cancelled the health insurance subscription

Cancelling Bupa Health Insurance Online

You can also download and fill out an online form from their website to cancel your health subscription with Bupa. You will be required to include your contact and personal details and reasons for cancellation. If you switch to a new provider, Bupa will forward your clearance certificate to your new health fund.

Things to Consider Before Picking Your Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance is one of the essential insurance purchases that an individual or family can make. People buy insurance for different reasons, focusing on different services under the insurance plan. Before choosing the best insurance for your family, you should know the following three things to make a good comparison:

The Four Metal Categories

Healthcare plans are categorised into four. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The categories indicate how you and your plans share costs, and it has nothing to do with quality.

Total Health Care Costs

Every healthcare plan requires paying a monthly bill even when you do not use the services that month. Additionally, you pay out-of-pocket costs plus a deductible when you get care. Before choosing a health care insurance policy, you must consider these costs.

Plan and Network Types

Some plans allow you to use almost every doctor, while others restrict you to only some facilities or charge you more when using providers outside their network. Before taking up a health policy, it is important to consult about this, so that you can pick the best policy for you.

What are the Best Alternatives to Bupa?

For a health insurance provider to be considered among the best in the U.K., they must offer a policy that provides full cover for the following core features

  1. Hospital fees, including surgery and drugs
  2. Consultant fees
  3. Cancer cover
  4. Diagnostic test

Bupa health insurance is considered among the best providers in the U.K. because their policy covers this and more. Besides Bupa, you can also try out other alternatives that offer the services mentioned above. They include

Freedom Health Insurance£22.76 /month30-year-old person with inpatient cover and cancer cash benefit. Excess: £100
The Exeter£15.00 /month

(depending on the premium styles you choose)

  • Level guaranteed premiums. These remain the same throughout the policy (not available with Pure Protection Plus).
  • Age-costed guarantee premiums. These increase with your age, but at a rate that does not change.
  • Age-costed reviewable premiums. These increase with your age at a rate that is reviewed every three years.
  1. Affordable premiums for customers with pre-existing medical conditions.
  2. Flexible policies allow you cover that suits your needs.
  3. Free Healthwise app for all members

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