How to Cancel Airtime Plan O2 Easily

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Cancel Airtime Plan O2 the Easy Way

O2, the telecommunications provider, offers an airtime plan that pairs your phone and watches. If you're trying to provided, you can utilize DoNotPay's services to help you accomplish the feat. Some cancellations are difficult and time-consuming to handle without help.

DoNotPay vows to assist you as promptly as possible so that you can rest assured your cancellation is valid and you will no longer be charged for the unwanted service.

Cancellation Policies for O2's Airtime Plan

O2 has a few policies related to cancelling their airtime plan for phone and watch pairing:

  1. Your airtime plan may be cancelled automatically if your account is in arrears.
  2. You will have to repay your watch or phone device plan if you cancel your airtime plan.
  3. You must give 30 days' notice to cancel if you do not wish to be subject to a cancellation charge.

Get Rid of Your Airtime Plan O2 By Yourself

Can You Cancel Airtime Plan O2 ViaYes/No
Company Website/ Support Form (or another alternative method)Yes

The best solution for on your own is to call customer service. There is no easy online option to click 'cancel'. Instead, the company wants you to call in and request the cancellation while they offer you deals and possible changes to entice you to keep your service.

Customer Service Information

  • Non-O2 Phone Number - Dial 0344 809 0202
  • O2 Phone Number - Dial 202
  • Start a Live Chat - On the 'Contact Us' page
  • Visit Your My O2 account - Sign In

What Happens to My Watch When I Cancel My Plan?

Just so you're aware, if you cancel your airtime plan through O2, your watch will not be able to receive the calls or texts it has been. You cannot use any related services, and may only be able to access certain features while on Wi-Fi.

You should not cancel your airtime plan if you wish to continue pairing your phone and watch together as you have been. Or, wait to cancel until you can switch to a different carrier to still receive the paired services. You also may need to give the watch back if you were leasing it and do not own it.

Is There an Associated Cancellation Fee From Airtime?

As long as you cancel your O2 account or airtime plan with 30 days' notice, you will not receive a charge. That is, as long as you have also paid off any amount due. If you had a contract for a certain duration, you will need to pay off what you owe first before you can cancel.

O2 multiplies your monthly plan amount by the number of months you have left on your service. Then, they take four per cent off that figure to get the final amount you owe for early termination.

Bank Statement Charges to Look For

Your bank statement may show O2 charges in various ways. You may see:

  • O2
  • MIP*O2 UK Top Up
  • O2 UK
  • Telefónica UK Limited

Are There Similar Services to O2's Airtime Plan?

You can try other service providers if you still want some sort of airtime plan. You don't have to continue with O2 for fear of there being no other options. Try:

Provider Price Benefit
Vodafone£4.50 to startChoose your desired contract length and upfront cost to build an individual plan.
EE£28 per monthChoose from a variety of paired plan options

With any service provider, you must have both a phone and watch through them to utilise their paired plans and have them work together. You cannot keep your phone with O2 and pair it with a watch from Vodafone or EE. Instead, you'll need to cancel your entire O2 service and switch entirely to the new provider or remain with O2 to be safe.

Let DoNotPay Cancel Your Airtime Plan O2 for You

If you want to provided, let DoNotPay assist you. We'll just need a bit of information from you, and then we will promptly get to work addressing your concern. It only takes a few steps:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

As soon as we have the details we need, we get to work requesting the airtime plan cancellation. We will notify you if there are any details you need to be aware of once we hear back from O2.

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