Can I Cancel Sky TV Mid-Contract? — Yes, Here's How!

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Can I Cancel Sky TV Mid-Contract?

Sky TV announced its plan to hike its prices for phones, broadband, and TV. This new development may be why you want to know to avoid auto-renewal for the next paying period. Although the higher charge on the TV subscription offers more diverse content, it may be more than you financially bargained for.

The contract between Sky TV and you allows you to cancel Sky mid-contract if the prices are increased without prior announcement. The cancellation process depends on your subscription package and how far through you are in your contract. In addition, if you cancel Sky TV before 12 months, you will pay the penalty stipulated in your contract.

The entire mid-contract cancellation process may leave you dull or restless, especially if Sky won't let you cancel the contract. By using DoNotPay, you will have a faster method of withdrawing from the TV subscription with ease with the click of a button from your desired browser.

What Are Sky TV Cancellation Policies?

Before you can cancel Sky mid-contract, ensure that you've gone through the terms and conditions to free you from hidden charges. To cancel your TV subscription, you need to give Sky a 31-day notice through:

  1. Phone
  2. Online chat
  3. Email
  4. Post

Once you are in touch with a Sky agent, they will need to confirm a few details on your account before your cancellation request is processed. If you cancel your Sky TV contract early, you may pay an early termination charge. The minimum period is 18 months.

Cancelling Sky TV Subscription Within the Cooling Period

The cooling-off period is typically 14 days, but Sky TV offers an enhanced 31 days. If you are a Sky Q customer, you should return your Sky boxes within 90 days after requesting to cancel the Sky Q contract. You will receive a package and instructions on how to return the Sky box through the post. Failure to return the Sky box, you will get charged with a non-return fee.

The charges for the specific equipment in the UK are as follows:

Sky Q box£100
Sky Q Silver box£140
Sky Q Mini box£50
Sky Q Hub£30

You can use one of the following ways to cancel your contract with Sky TV.

1. Cancel Via Phone

Calling Sky's customer contact centre is the most direct way to cancel your Sky TV before 12-months. Call 03332 022135 between 8:30 AM to 7:55 PM GMT on Monday to Sunday. Calls are free for Sky Talk customers, but call charges will apply if you do not have a telephone package with Sky.

When on call, you will have to follow a series of prompts before getting a service operator. Once assigned to a customer service agent, you will need to clearly state your intention of cancelling your Sky TV subscription.

The operator may persuade you to reconsider by offering you various incentives, and the process may take longer, making you feel impatient. Instead, be polite but persistent in your decision. You will receive a cancellation confirmation with a written date when the services will cease.

Typically, it's 31-days from when you called to place the cancellation request, and the subscription will end at midnight on the provided date.

2. Cancel Via Chat Portal

You can cancel your Sky subscription through Sky's online chat portal. Once on the page, click on live chat, and on the right-hand side of the page, you will see a section labelled 'chat online with our experts.' The live chat option is available seven days a week from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM GMT.

Once on the chat box, you will be able to talk to a customer service representative. Inform the representative of your decision– to cancel your Sky TV subscription. The operator may try to convince you not to cancel the service, but politely decline the offer and request to continue with the cancellation of the service.

Once your cancellation is confirmed, you will receive a notification of the date when your subscription will end. If in possession of a Sky equipment, you are requested to return it within 90-days to avoid a non-return charge.

3. Cancel Via Email

Compose an email to request service cancellation from Sky. After sending the email, expect a response within five business days. This method of cancelling the service is tedious and lengthy– because apart from writing an email to the centre, Sky will need to talk via telephone seeking clarification of the request on your account.

Since it takes time to get a response via email, you should send in your request as soon as you want your notice period (31 days) to start. The notice period begins from the day you send an email, not when you receive a response.

Your email should clearly state your intention of wanting to unsubscribe from Sky TV service. Include the following key information when drafting your email:

  • Full name
  • Sky account number
  • Address and postcode
  • Telephone number

After receiving a reply, you will need to follow up by calling Sky customer service centre to have your cancellation request processed. Have a copy of your email, as the response may provide further instructions on what to do before the account is closed.

The phone call can be long and frustrating as you are only phoning up the centre to confirm the request you submitted in your email. The subscription should end 31-days after the initial cancellation email.

Does Sky TV Charge Any Cancellation Fees?

If you can cancel your Sky TVcontract, Sky will calculate the early termination charge as follows:

TV PlanEarly Termination Charge
Sky Q Multiscreen£11.88 per remaining month
Sky Q Bundle£31.16 per remaining month
Sky Q Silver Bundle (Including Sky Q Bundle)£42.04 per remaining month
Sky Q Silver Bundle (If keeping another Sky TV package)£10.88 per remaining month
Sky TV Package£16.36 per remaining month

Have DoNotPay Cancel Your Sky TV Subscription

Cancelling Sky TV subscription is a lengthy process that can leave you frustrated. DoNotPay will help you cancel the subscription on your behalf and allow you to have an easy time during the entire process.

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  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

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