Reasons Why You Need to Buy Phone Number for SMS Verification

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How to Buy Phone Number for SMS Verification

Due to the increase in cybersecurity threats, more people are reluctant to share their personal data now more than ever due to worry that their personal data could be leaked online. Though many organizations claim that protecting your data is their top priority, there have been several cases in the recent past of data leaks.

For instance, in 2019, 267 million names and phone numbers were leaked online from Facebook, leaving so many people vulnerable to attacks. To solve this, many people now tend to turn to fake phone number apps and burner phones since it helps to keep their data safe. This article will go through the details of how you can .

Why Do You Need a Burner Phone for SMS Verification?

When signing up for services, many companies need a phone number verification. And more often, you want to keep away your real phone number because you want to keep your activity private.

And irrespective of how reluctant you're to give your phone number, it's primarily unavoidable. It 's applicable mostly when signing up for free trials, social media, dating apps, subscriptions to certain services, online competitions, and also online chat rooms.

In other words, a phone burner offers you a temporary phone number that:

  • Protects you from spams
  • Secures your personal information
  • Helps you avoid stalkers

Why Do Companies Need Phone Verification Through SMS?

With 97 percent of Americans owning cell phones, mobile marketing is now bigger than ever. And since most of them carry their phones anywhere they go, companies want to reach them on readily available devices. Though SMS marketing is an excellent source of brand awareness for many companies, having the wrong phone number can lead to extra costs on their part. Here 's why many companies have now opted for a phone verification system through SMS:

  1. To confirm the authentication of the user when trying to sign in from a different device.
  2. Verification through SMS is easy since most people now tend to chat more than call.
  3. SMS's have a 99% open rate, and 95% of those messages are opened and read within 3 minutes.
  4. To prevent fraud from online scammers who try to use any means to get clients' personal data.

How Can You Avoid Phone Number Verification Through SMS?

Few steps include:

Acquiring A Temporary Phone NumberConsidering that acquiring a burner phone can be a bit expensive, it's always advisable that you go for the burner phone apps. A burner app can be installed on your phone, making your iPhone or android a burner. Additionally, you can use a fake phone number to scale through your phone verification.
Using Google VoiceIn as much as Google voice might work, it's not the best option since you'll still need to provide your actual phone number to sign up for Google voice, something you want to evade.
Using Someone Else's PhoneYou can also use a friend's phone or rent phone number for SMS verification. Notwithstanding, this might also be a great risk since it puts the other person's privacy at risk.

Potential Issues With SMS Verification

Most people rely on SMS due to its simplicity and accessibility. Nevertheless, it's for this reason that it has become a relatively easy target for cybercriminals. It can be a potential means to leak out your data, for instance, if the company's data gets hacked. Nevertheless, when you from DoNotPay, it becomes hard for hackers to get through you since the SMS received is a one-time thing.

How to Use DoNotPay for SMS Verification Without a Phone Number?

DoNotPay is user-friendly and straightforward. Use the following steps to get a temporary phone number:

  1. Visit DoNotPay on your default web browser
  2. Choose the Burner Phone feature
  3. Enter the name of the service or company that's requesting your phone number
  4. Click on Create a Temporary Number
  5. Receive the number DoNotPay generated
  6. View your text or code message on the app or browser.

DoNotPay is among the easiest-to-use and most inexpensive apps out there. Our app allows you to use as many different numbers as you need. Our burner phone numbers last for ten minutes. When the SMS comes, we display it for you to easily see and copy any verification code you need to proceed with a sign-up.

Creating a Virtual Credit Card Number

Free trials are mostly not exactly free. Many service providers mainly offer a free trial period to allow you to test their services and make up your mind. Still, one thing they mostly don 't tell you is that you'll automatically get charged after the free trial period ends, whether you continue to use the service or not.

Nevertheless, when it comes to DoNotPay, free trials are free. Our Free Trial Credit Card helps ensure that the trial is actually free by removing the probability of getting charged for a service you 're not using.

And considering that our Virtual Credit Card (VCC) contains a series of numbers randomly generated to look like a set of real credit card numbers, it makes it hard for companies to track you down or even charge you when you use them. That way, you 'll not have to worry about revealing your credit card numbers or unknown charges. You finally get to enjoy free trials free of charge!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

In case of more queries about how to buy phone numbers for verification, be free to get in touch with us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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