Breakdown of the Blizzard Phone Number Bypass

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Master Blizzard Phone Number Bypass Like a Gamer

When it comes to entertainment, we all have different personal tastes. If you love gaming, you must have come across Blizzard (probably you're like, "that's why I'm here, buddy"). Well, Blizzard has some of the world's most loved computer games, like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, World of Warcraft, and more. But to play any of that, you need a fully verified Blizzard account. We want to make that part an easy treat for you.

With a Blizzard account, you can access the gaming platform that lets you play your favorite game, connect with other gamers, and access other company services. However, you have to complete phone number verification first. But you can cheat your way in using one of the methods (no real number involved) using virtual burner phones.

Why Blizzard Requires Users to Verify Their Phone Numbers

With the internet world rapidly welcoming new and advanced robots, Blizzard has a reason to ask you to verify your number. They don't want to allow a robot with mind-blowing AI to smash all their game algorithms in a thud, not to mention the potential server-related problems this can have. Other reasons may include:

  • For data analysis of their customer base.
  • Marketing purposes.
  • To enable you to make payments.
  • For Blizzard account recovery, in case you lose access, or you experience a hacking attempt.

Why Many People Don 't Want to Use a Real Number to Confirm Their Blizzard Identity

As a gamer, it's more fun and fulfilling when you're doing gaming with others online. However, the fact is that you don 't know most of these "gaming friends" except for their online names and unlikely claims. Therefore, you might want to limit the information you give out to such platforms because of:

Your PrivacyThe company itself declares that it may use your personal info for different purposes, including sharing it with its sister firms or third-party services. Apart from that, the data is tied to your online activities to target you with personalized ads.
HackingAlthough Blizzard provides various ways to protect your account, a cybersecurity criminal may gain access to your phone number if they succeed in hacking it. This is something you never want to experience.
Robocalls and spamWe talked about the impact of robots on the company earlier. But a robot can also try to gain access to your Blizzard account, and if you have your primary email and actual phone number, then you're in for a real headache dealing with robocalls or email/SMS spam.
Selling accountEven though Blizzard restricts this, it's still dominant, and if you're looking to transfer (or sell) your account to somebody else, you better remove your main phone number before completing such a transaction.

You don't have to worry anymore; we have compiled different temporary phone number verification options you can use to avoid using your real number. Besides, you can create a Gmail account without a phone number for the same use since Blizzard requires you to verify both email and phone numbers.

What Options Can You Use to Verify Your Phone Number?

1. Use Friend 's or Family Member Number

When some get their phone numbers rejected by Blizzard or get the popular "invalid number" error, they opt to try another actual number belonging to someone else. While it may definitely work, you wouldn't want to risk your friend or a loved one's number getting into the hands of the wrong person.

2. Buy a Physical Burner Phone

You can instantly gain access to a temporary phone number by spending up to 50 dollars to get a burner phone from Walmart or Target. You undeniably don 't want to spend your bucks this way when you can get a cheaper fake number using a mobile app .

3. Search for a Free Virtual Number on Google

This is a tiresome and possibly more risky process that might necessitate you to reveal your actual number or email address before you get a hand on the free fake number. And there is no guarantee it works; it's free, after all.

If you 're thinking of Google Voice, Blizzard might not allow you to use it. When you try, it mostly returns the "invalid number" error.

None of the options seem to work for you? That is why we've created DoNotPay burner phone number for you; a hassle-free method.

DoNotPay Burner Phone Can Help You Bypass Blizzard Phone Number Verification

Are you frustrated by your real phone number's inability to bypass Blizzard verification? Or do you want to create multiple Blizzard accounts, but you only got one phone number? Follow the following steps to authenticate Blizzard without an actual number.

  1. Open the mobile app or DoNotPay Site.
  2. Navigate to the "burner phones" menu and choose the company you want to get authenticated (i.e., Blizzard or others like Netflix, Fiverr, or TikTok).
  3. Generate your one-time-use disposable phone number that's valid for 10 minutes.
  4. Issue the phone number for the Blizzard verification form and submit it.
  5. Get the verification code/SMS shown on our platform, and there you're, enjoy your Blizzard games.

Generate multiple disposable phone numbers per month with DoNotPay without additional charges.

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