How to Access BetterHelp Free Trial The Risk-Free Way

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How to Access BetterHelp Free Trial The Risk-Free Way

BetterHelp is one of the largest networks of professional counselors that helps those dealing with emotional and psychological issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, and others get the help they need.The type of service you get from BetterHelp is similar to what you would get from counselors working from an office. The interactions are exclusively web-based, including communication through phone and text.BetterHelp has a premium membership plan with a free month and a discount on the second month for first-time users. The free trial automatically renews to a paid membership at the end of the free trial. DoNotPay can help you cancel and avoid unintended charges.

Does BetterHelp Offer Free Trials

. However, as of now, the free-trial period is on hold for the following reasons:

  1. It's providing financial aid.
  2. Free trials don't help cover the cost of treatment.
  3. Investing in your physiological well being is a commitment.
  4. It has customizable plans.
  5. The pricing is already subsidized.

BetterHelp subscription model plans are quite affordable, as shown below:

Plan Cost and Features
Weekly PlanFor $65, you can get a range of services for the number of sessions you want. You will have access to unlimited text, audio, and video messages and weekly sessions with a counselor.
Monthly PlanIt costs $45, billed after four weeks for a monthly plan. The plan comes with unlimited video, audio, and live sessions with a counselor at only $180 from $260.
Quarterly PlanFor $35 a week, which is billed quarterly for $420 from $780, you get unlimited text, audio, and video messages and weekly sessions with counselors.

How Can I Get BetterHelp With Affordable Membership?

  1. Visit the BetterHelp website.
  2. Sign up by adding your email, name, and password.
  3. Fill up the provided questionnaire.
  4. Click on the kind of counselors you would like.
  5. You will be matched to a counselor within 24 hours.
  6. Choose the plan you would like and proceed to pay with either a credit card or PayPal.

The only way to get affordable trials from BetterHelp is through their coupons. Some of the stores that offer BetterHelp coupons include:

  • BetterHelp Groupon provides a discount for your first subscription. With the Groupon code, you get 15% off the first month.
  • Wethrift also offers 10% BetterHelp promo codes. More than 27000 people have used the code, saving up to $16.54.
  • Coupons birds offer 60% for all BetterHelp products and services.
  • Coupons cause offers 10% off for the first month that you sign up for BetterHelp.

How to Cancel BetterHelp Subscription

You can cancel the BetterHelp subscription anytime, even if you've already paid for any of the subscription plans. All you have to do is log in to your account, go to your profile icon on the top right, and select account settings. Choose the subscription plan you are currently on, then "select cancel my subscription."If you find it hard to cancel the subscription on your own, call the support team for help.Keep in mind that if you don't cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew to paid subscription minus the coupon discounts. You can get refunds after the cancellation and continue to access the sessions and everything else included in the subscription until the end of that period.If you want to request a refund, do so by email. However, it could be quite challenging to get refunds, so you should consider other ways of asking for BetterHelp refunds.

How DoNotPay Can Help You Cancel a Free Trial and Avoid Automatic Renewal

Better help is like any other subscription-based service, which means you have to input your payment method during the subscription. If you choose a free trial and fail to cancel on time, you will be automatically billed.It's no secret that getting professional mental health is valuable, which is why you might get carried away and forget to cancel the free trial. You don't have to continue paying for a service you don't need. DoNotPay has a free trial card that allows you to cancel an unwanted subscription.The virtual credit card comes with a virtual card generator that generates unique usernames and card numbers which you can use to make online purchases and use in place of your real credit card.The beauty of the virtual card is that even when you have subscribed to premium services, you won't worry about credit card deductions. Once the trial period ends, the paid subscription renewal will be automatically rejected, and you won't pay anything for the service.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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