Cancel BetterHelp in a Few Easy Steps

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How To Cancel BetterHelp in a Few Clicks

BetterHelp is a platform that provides online therapy counseling. You can get advice on mental health issues and get matched with a therapist.

In case BetterHelp is not working for you, learn how to cancel your subscription effortlessly.

What Are the Ways To Cancel BetterHelp?

If you decide to stop using BetterHelp counseling, you can get rid of your subscription in the following ways:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No
Your BetterHelp AccountYes
BetterHelp Online Contact FormYes
In PersonNo

How To Opt Out of BetterHelp From Your Account

If you don’t want to use BetterHelp anymore, you can cancel your subscription by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Account Settings
  3. Click on Payment Settings
  4. Tap Change Plan or Quit Counseling
  5. Provide the answer to why you want to cancel the service
  6. Hit Quit Counseling

If your cancellation is successful, you should receive a confirmation email from BetterHelp.

Terminate Your BetterHelp Subscription Online

You can also fill out BetterHelp’s online contact form and get your subscription canceled. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open the contact form
  2. Provide your name and email address
  3. Explain that you want to quit counseling
  4. Click on Submit

Get Rid of BetterHelp via Email

You can get in touch with BetterHelp’s customer service via email and ask them to end your membership. You should send the email to

End Your BetterHelp Subscription Effortlessly via DoNotPay

If you want to cancel BetterHelp in the most efficient way, use DoNotPay! With our app, you can end your subscription easily, and it won’t take more than a few minutes. To terminate BetterHelp via DoNotPay, do the following:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account in any
  2. Select the Find Hidden Money option
  3. Enter BetterHelp when our bot asks which service you want to cancel

You will get an email from us as soon as we end your subscription.

How May BetterHelp Charges Appear on Your Bank Statement

This is how you can recognize BetterHelp charges on your bank statement:

Betterhelp *united Ki SunnyvaleBETTERHELP *DR.ANBETTERHELP WEBB TI

How To Get a Refund From BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers refunds to its users, but it reviews each case individually. Check out how to submit a BetterHelp refund request easily. DoNotPay can assist you in getting a refund from any company.

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What Are Some Alternatives To BetterHelp?

In case you want to try similar apps to BetterHelp, you can check these out:



Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus
  • $260 a month
  • $708 every three months
  • $1248 every six months

Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium

  • $316 a month
  • $852 every 3 months
  • $1512 every six months

Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate

  • $396 a month
  • $1068 every three months
  • $1896 every six months

Couples Therapy

  • $396 a month
  • $1068 every three

Teens Therapy

  • $260 a month
  • Enjoy 24/7 access
  • Get matched with a therapist by a real person after filling out a short questionnaire
  • Communicate with your therapist via live chat, audio, and video messaging
  • Change therapists with no additional costs

7 Cups of Tea

  • Free counseling with trained listeners
  • Licensed therapist counseling starting at $150 a month
  • Attend group sessions addressing various issues
  • Get support on teen community forums and chat rooms
  • Chat with the counselor anytime
  • Chat with the trained listeners anonymously

In case you are not satisfied with Talkspace, you can cancel it via DoNotPay.

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