Reach Best Western Hotels' Complaints Department Fast

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How to Reach Best Western Hotels’ Complaints Department Fast

Have you had an unpleasant experience at a Best Western Hotel, and You’re not alone. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists 103 unresolved complaints filed about Best Western in the past three years. That might not sound like much. But when you consider how slow the hospitality industry was during the COVID-19 pandemic, those 100+ complaints are pretty significant.

If you need to contact the Best Western Hotels complaints department, DoNotPay can help. This article explores four ideas:

  1. How to make a complaint to Best Western by Yourself
  2. How to use DoNotPay to
  3. Important information about complaint letters to hotels
  4. And some other ways you could use DoNotPay

Let’s get started.

About Best Western Hotels

Best Western International, Inc., owns and operates about 4100 hotels and motels, operates Best Western Hotels & Resorts, worldwide.

The company, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, owns and operates 2163 hotels in North America. They also have properties in Italy, Brazil and Mexico, and 100 other countries.

The brand includes:

  • Best Western
  • Best Western Premier
  • Best Western Plus
  • Executive Residency
  • Glo
  • BW Premier Collection
  • Surestay Plus
  • Surestay
  • And Surestay Signature Collection hotels, among others

Here in the US, when you stay in a hotel, resort, or even a little roadside motel, you do have rights. You have a right to a clean, hygienic room. You are entitled to a good night’s sleep, in relative peace and quiet. If you leave the room, you should feel confident that your belongings won’t be stolen.

But unfortunately, those rights aren’t always the reality. If you’ve experienced these issues, it’s time to file a complaint with Best Western. Let’s see how it’s done.

Contact Best Western Complaints Department by Yourself

The table below shows contact information for Best Western.

Hotel NameBest Western
Online Customer Care form
Toll-Free (in the US)1 (800) 528-1238
US Corporate Headquarters(602) 957-4200
Fax line for complaintsN/A

You can also write to them at:

Best Western International Inc

6201 N. 24th Parkway

Phoenix, AZ 85016

Your next question is: “What do I say when I ?” Read on and find out.

What to Write in a Complaint to Best Western Hotels

Keep your letter professional. You’re trying to impress management, and if you end up taking Best Western hotels to small claims court, you’ll need to impress a judge.

  • Be sure to keep a copy of your letter, and proof that it was mailed.
  • Put a date and signature on everything.
  • Describe the problem you had at the hotel.
  • Explain how much money you paid.
  • Make a suggestion that would rectify the situation. Maybe they should provide you with some free bookings. Maybe you just want your money back.

The problem most people have when contacting Best Western Hotels complaints department is that they aren’t sure what to say, or how to say it.

If you start with a customer service phone call, expect to wait on hold, have your call dropped, have your situation “escalated” to a manager, and so on. It’s going to be a challenging process. Thankfully, DoNotPay can help.

Any time you feel like a big business or hotel chain is taking advantage of you, turn to DoNotPay.

Use DoNotPay to Contact Best Western Hotels Complaints Department

If you want to file a complaint with Best Western, but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in five easy steps:

  1. Go to the Hotel Bill Complaints & Refunds product on DoNotPay.

  2. Tell us the details of your experience and complaint, including how it negatively impacted your stay, and provide photographic evidence if available.

  3. Enter the details of your reservation, including the check-in/check-out dates and hotel room number.

  4. Tell us whether this is for a past reservation or you're still at the hotel (this helps us decide whether negotiation or chargeback is a better option for your case).

  5. Choose whether you want us to contact the front desk or general manager (if you've already tried contacting the front desk already).

See how easy that is? Remember, DoNotPay can help you file a complaint with any hotel, such as:

And that’s not all you can do with the app. We can help you get better hotel prices, waive unwanted hotel and resort fees, and trade or transfer hotel rewards club points, too. DoNotPay works across all airlines, hotels, resorts, and credit cards. Join today!

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