File a Hyatt Customer Service Complaint and Get Compensated

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How to File Hyatt Customer Service Complaints With Ease

Do you need to file a ? Unfortunately, some hotels don't always offer the best service. This doesn't just ruin your stay, but some situations result in the need to file a complaint and get the compensation you deserve. The problem is that filing a complaint with a hotel isn't always the easiest or quickest process. But if you're adamant about filing a complaint to get the issue resolved, you do have options.

Here at DoNotPay, we want to help you find the quickest and easiest solution to file a customer service complaint about any hotel. If you need to file a Hyatt customer service complaint, DoNotPay is here to show you how you can file a complaint on your own and how we can make it even easier and do it for you.

Why is Filing a Complaint With Hyatt Hotel Hard?

Filing a Hyatt customer service complaint is often difficult. Most hotels focus on advertising the features and benefits of their hotel stay but offer little information in terms of what to do if you need to file a complaint. But even when hotels provide information about filing a complaint, many hotel guests don't receive adequate compensation. Even more, some hotel guests don't receive any type of resolution at all, which can certainly be frustrating.

Reasons to File a Hyatt Customer Service Complaint

Filing a complaint can sometimes feel like a bit of a gray area for hotel guests. Even when you're unsatisfied with your hotel stay, you may be wondering whether your dissatisfaction is worth a complaint or whether you should just place the hotel on your do-not-go list. Here is a list of reasons to file a customer service complaint about Hyatt hotel.

  • Unclean Hotel Room: A huge part of the hotel experience is having a clean hotel room. If you've found that your hotel room is dirty for a number of reasons including bed bugs, dirt, mildew, mold, or something similar, you should file a complaint.
  • Poor Guest Experience: Having a poor guest experience like a noisy room for the duration of your stay is certainly a reason to file a customer service complaint. All staff should be properly trained and if they refuse to correct the issue, a formal complaint is the best option.
  • Unexpected Fees: Once you book your hotel and the taxes and fees are outlined, the cost of the hotel stay shouldn't change. If you receive unexpected fees after you book, this is grounds to file a complaint.
  • Theft: Theft is a serious crime. If your personal items are stolen during your hotel stay, it is the responsibility of the hotel staff to be attentive to the situation. Anything short of this is cause for a hotel complaint.

Hyatt Customer Service Contact Information

Hyatt Hotel has various customer service departments, including Reservation Assistance, World of Hyatt, and the Global Sales Office.

Reservation AssistanceThe customer service department in the U.S, Canada, and the Caribbean for reservation assistance is 1800 233 1234.
World of Hyatt The customer service number for World of Hyatt in the U.S and Canada is 1888-344-9288.
Global Sales OfficeThe customer service for the Global Sales Office is 1800-522-1100.

How to File a Complaint With Hyatt Hotel and Ask for Compensation on Your Own

If you need to file a complaint with Hyatt hotel and would like to ask for compensation on your own, there are a few steps you can follow.

  1. Go to the World of Hyatt website. Hyatt allows guests to share feedback on their recent stay.
  2. You can contact them electronically and receive an on-screen confirmation that Hyatt has received your request. Once submitted, you will need to await a response from a Hyatt team member.
  3. If you don't want to fill out the electronic form, you can call Hyatt guest services by dialing either 800-323-7249 or 402-592-6465. The customer service representative will guide you through the next steps of the process.

Whether you file a complaint electronically or over the phone, there are a few important things to have on hand. Some things include:

  • World of Hyatt number (if applicable)
  • Confirmation number
  • Hotel and dates

How to Let DoNotPay File a Hyatt Customer Service Complaint on Your Behalf

If you don't want to go through the steps of filing , let DoNotPay file the complaint on your behalf. Filing a complaint isn't always the easiest process. Many hotels don't make information about filing a complaint readily available.

Not only that, but hotels don't always offer a viable solution that results in compensation. DoNotPay is fast, easy, and successful at helping guests file a complaint about any hotel that wasn't satisfactory.

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Hotel Bill Complaints & Refunds product on DoNotPay.

  2. Tell us the details of your experience and complaint, including how it negatively impacted your stay, and provide photographic evidence if available.

  3. Enter the details of your reservation, including the check-in/check-out dates and hotel room number.

  4. Tell us whether this is for a past reservation or you're still at the hotel (this helps us decide whether negotiation or chargeback is a better option for your case).

  5. Choose whether you want us to contact the front desk or general manager (if you've already tried contacting the front desk already).

And that's it! DoNotPay will draft a formal complaint letter, outlining the issue and requesting a fee waiver as a courtesy. We'll send the letter directly to the front desk or general manager. You will hear back from them directly with more details regarding your request. Are you ready to file a complaint due to a recent hotel stay? Get started with DoNotPay today.

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