Contacting Avianca Network Customer Service Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult!

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How to Reach Avianca Customer Service Fast and Easy

Now that the pandemic is easing up and people are traveling again, airlines are hustling to keep up with demand. The low-frills, low-cost airlines are especially busy, since they offer flights to vacation and resort destinations. for Americans looking for a cheap South American or Caribbean getaway—flights from New York or San Francisco are under $100 each way. But if something goes sideways, how hard is it to get a resolution from Avianca Airlines?

Will It Be Easy to Solve My Complaint With Avianca?

When the first thing you find when you click on a company's Help page is a disclaimer stating "The page may not follow the same accessibility policy as our company", that is not a good sign. If you've booked a trip, or flown Avianca recently, this might not be news, which is to help solve the problem.

Avianca redirects you to a What's App page, so you can chat with a bot. We've seen a lot of wild attempts to avoid dealing directly with customers, but this one might top them all.

Keep reading to learn DoNotPay's tips for getting Avianca's attention with a real person on the phone.

Avianca’s Support Contact Number and Email

Here are the ways to get in touch with Customer Support at Avianca Airlines.

Main support phone number1(800) 284-2622
MessengerUsed to be part of Facebook, will log you in via Facebook. You must have a Facebook account to register a complaint.
ChatbotOn the main website

One review on, in December 2021, said that the What's App bot said it couldn't help because it was still in training. Other Avianca customers in the US point out that unless you are fluent in Spanish, it's almost impossible to communicate with any of the help centers.

What Are My Chances of Getting a Timely Response?

If Reddit threads are to be believed, not great. Most of the complaints on the forum involve getting refunds for canceled flights that had been booked using LifeMiles, the Avianca frequent flyer program. The phone number appears to be the best option, but then there's the high probability of a language barrier.

Social Media Is on Your Side

If Avianca has canceled a flight, lost your luggage, or just delivered bad service, you do have options that go beyond their corporate options. Harness the power of social media to publish your complaint—that will get their attention as quickly as anything. Even though you're probably posting in English and Spanish is the native language in Colombia, Avianca has a huge customer base in the US and abroad. Here's how to unleash your superpower.

1. Make sure your posts are respectful and factual. Abusive language will just get the post taken down because they'll assume you're a troll.

2. Be specific. Post the flight dates, destination and return airport, and flight number. This info shows you're serious. Outline your complaint and the steps you've taken to fix it. Highlight how these actions were not in line with published airline policy.

3. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Open a thread on the Reddit forum and TripAdvisor. Companies do read and usually respond to TripAdvisor complaints.

Avianca, like most businesses, would like to keep their dirty laundry hidden, so a public airing might be the best way to get them to fix the problem.

Start With a Phone Call

According to several forums, the best way to reach Avianca is by phone. If you're too frustrated to wait on hold for hours, DoNotPay has the solution to that, too. We can hold your place in line, so you can skip the wait—giving you time to blow up social media.

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to skip Avianca's phone queue:

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