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No More Waiting on Hold When Reaching Airbnb Customer Service!

Airbnb is a global marketplace and communication network that allows owners and guests to rent or offer short-term accommodation in more than 100,000 cities around the world. It has grown into one of the most popular lodging options for travelers looking for a more personalized experience compared to hotels.

By using Airbnb's website or app, users can search for available properties in the desired location. There are now over 7 million active listings worldwide with over 10 million guest arrivals per month. Airbnb's services are used for leisure holidays, business trips, and renting out homes or apartments for the night. As more and more people use the service, it has also become increasingly important to have customer service available at all times.

With that being said, we know that sometimes things can go wrong during a stay. Whether you want to report a problem or get help with something else, we’re here to assist you in reaching Airbnb customer service as quickly and effectively as possible.

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How To Reach Airbnb Customer Service Yourself

If you want to look for answers without getting in touch with a customer service agent, you can visit Airbnb’s website first. The company has a list of frequently asked questions customers often ask, so you may be able to find a solution for the issue you’re experiencing by checking the FAQ Page.

Here are some of questions you’ll find there:

  • Why was a hold placed on my payment method when I requested to book a reservation?
  • How can I change my experience reservation?
  • What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of the Airbnb website?
  • Is it possible to use Airbnb for business travel if my company is not enrolled in Airbnb for Work?
  • How can I cancel my reservation for a place to stay?
  • Where do I book an Airbnb listing for a meeting or event?
  • My credit card was declined. What can I do?
  • Can I let someone book business travel for me?
  • Is there a way to add business info to my itinerary?
  • How can I book an experience for my team?
  • How can I edit, remove, or add a payment method?
  • What payment methods does Airbnb accept?
  • What can I do if a host cancels my reservation?
  • When do I need to pay for my reservation?
  • What should I do if I can't complete my transaction?
  • What are the steps to joining my company's Airbnb for Work account?
  • Do I need to confirm my payment method?
  • I disputed a charge from Airbnb with my bank, what happens next?
  • What should I do if I get charged twice for a reservation?
  • How do I verify my card using temporary authorizations?
  • Can I identify a reservation as a business trip?

There is a lot more useful info you can find by checking Airbnb’s official website, so don’t shy away from doing it before deciding to reach customer service.

In case you want to request an Airbnb refund or check your Airbnb gift card balance, our app can assist you in doing it without breaking a sweat! We’ll also help you if Airbnb refuses to cooperate by showing you how to file an Airbnb complaint in minutes.

To contact Airbnb customer support agents, choose one of the following contact methods:

  1. By phone
  2. Online
  3. Through social media

Contacting Airbnb Customer Service Over the Phone

The general customer service phone number for Airbnb is 1-844-234-2500. That said, you’ll have trouble reaching the company this way, since their phone lines are constantly busy. It’s not uncommon for the company’s Help Center to display the message that the “waiting times are longer than usual.”

That said, there are other phone numbers you can call, both for home owners and guests. To speak with a support agent over the phone, check available contact options under your Airbnb account. Depending on current availability, you will see the live chat and/or phone call options. Dial the toll-free number and inquire about the info you need.

Reaching Airbnb Customer Service Online

Airbnb provides you with an option to chat with the company’s virtual assistant or a live agent. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to Airbnb’s Help Center
  2. Log in or Sign up
  3. Describe your issue
  4. Wait for the virtual assistant to help you or connect you to a live agent

Messaging Airbnb Customer Service Through Social Media

You can try messaging Airbnb through social media as well, but this method will take longer than simply calling customer support. The company’s support agents check social media accounts every so often, so your message can easily be overlooked or lost in a sea of other messages.

If you still want to try reaching Airbnb customer service via social media, they are available on:

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