How to Reach Agoda's Customer Service the Easy Way

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How to Reach Agoda's Customer Service the Easy Way

Agoda Inc. (Nasdaq: BKNG) is one of the growing online platforms which provides travel booking services. Based in Singapore, the company was started in 2005 as e-commerce and grew to establish a vast network of 2 million properties in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Agoda gives a golden chance to access a wide range of luxury and budget hotels, apartments, and villas that you can afford during your travel occasions. Currently, the company employs more than 4000 employees, and its mobile app has more than 38 languages to facilitate your customer care experience.

You can call if you want to book a reservation, seek clarification and raise your complaint. Disappointedly, you have to make a couple of calls to reach customer care due to the high caller intensity. DoNotPay has got you covered through its Skip-on-hold-Product that contacts customer care on your behalf and alerts you when they pick your call.

How to Contact Agoda Customer Service

You can reach customer support through the main number 866-656-8207 or email address, and kindly avail your booking ID for easy assistance. Customer care will pick up your call and help you; however, your call response will depend on the number of calls experienced at the time of the call.

The customer care works from Monday to Friday from 9 am-5 pm EST, and the best time to call is 9:15 am when the traffic is not high. The current wait is 19 minutes (13m average), meaning in most cases, your call will be placed on hold, waiting to be directed to a free customer care agent.

The average email reply wait is 10 hours, and therefore, after sending an email, expect to be replied to within the first 24 hours. In most cases, emails are answered at @2pm though it is not guaranteed to receive your reply at that time as it will depend on the number of emails to be responded to.

When you use email, you are advised to write a straightforward message to make the work easy for the customer service. Remember, the clearer your message, the higher the chances of getting a faster reply.

Agoda does not offer live chat services, and thus you can only contact them through the afro -mentioned ways. However, the company provides an inbox section in your Agoda profile to directly connect to the property. Please note that there is no customer discrimination, and thus, service is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Learn Where to Get a Fast Agoda Customer Care Response

Social media is where you can get your concern replied to immediately, and is no exception. As mentioned earlier, the average wait time for both email and phone calls is not less than 10 hours which cannot be the case with social media platforms. You can always type your question on the following company platforms:

Your query will be attended to quickly, and sometimes they ask you to send your phone number and booking ID. In such a case, customer support will call you and elaborate on the issue you raised on their social media page. Can you imagine a customer agent calling you instead? It is only possible if you poke them publicly on their social media platform.

Find Answers to Common Questions People Ask Agoda Customer Support?

Some of the frequently asked questions include:

  • How to get more information about a property
  • For how long do I get a confirmation email
  • Where do I see my booking details and status?
How to Get More Information about a PropertyYou can get more details about the property you want to book at your email address. You can also visit the property page or contact them directly.
For How Long Do I Get a Confirmation EmailA confirmation email will always accompany a booking voucher within the first 30 minutes of booking. If you haven't received it in the stipulated time, you are advised to check your email spam filters.
Where Do I See My Booking Details and Status?You can check them by signing in and selecting "My bookings" from the account menu. If you forgot your signing details, follow the link in the confirmation you received.

Learn How to Reach Agoda Customer Service by Yourself

You can reach customer support by either calling them using their official number or email available on the Agoda official website.

However, the chances are that you will be frustrated as your phone will be kept on hold for not less than 10 hours which spend the time that you would have used in doing a meaningful activity. Fortunately, DoNotPay has a perfect solution to your problem in an easy and less frustrating way.

Learn How to Reach Agoda Customer Service Using DoNotPay

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