How to Reach Activision Support Without Waiting on Hold

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How to Reach Out to Activision Support Now

Online gaming is a pastime that is enjoyed by over 3 billion people across the globe. There are hundreds of online gaming platforms and game developers creating some of your favorite titles, though perhaps one of the most well-known game developers is Activision.

Activision and its subsidiaries produce popular titles, such as the Call of Duty franchise, World of Warcraft, Crash Bandicoot, Guitar Hero, the Tony Hawk series, and many others. Millions of people play Activision games, many of which are available online, and the sheer volume of people accessing these titles means that they are likely to encounter problems from time to time.

This DoNotPay guide will help you learn more about contacting when you run into problems with their services, as well as offer you an alternative to trying to figure out how to reach them on your own.

Common Reasons to Contact Activision Support

Like many online gaming platforms and games, Activision has to monitor players and accounts and constantly ensure their servers are keeping up with volume. However, sometimes issues may be encountered that will require you to contact Activision support.

These issues could include:

  • Unauthorized account activity
  • Trying to recover a hacked account
  • Managing your account
  • Setting up two-factor authentication
  • Appealing a ban
  • Submitting a support ticket for a glitching game
  • Reporting an abusive player
  • Reporting a bad connection

The Activision website provides some helpful tips and links to help you try to navigate problems on your own before reaching out to their support team. However, if you have tried checking your internet connection, blocking an abusive player, and changing your password, you may still be experiencing problems with your Activision account that cannot be solved by yourself. In this case, the next step will be to reach out to Activision support for help addressing your issue.

How to Contact Activision Support on Your Own

When you are experiencing issues with your Activision account or an Activision game that you haven't been able to solve on your own, you have a few options to reach out to .

They include:

Activision FAQ Checking out the Activision Support Options page to see if their FAQ can help you solve your problem on your own.
Activision support phone numberDial 1-310-255-2000 to talk to a live agent about your issue.
Activision Online ServicesUse the Activision Online Services page to check for reported outages or report your online problems.
Activision mailing addressWriting with a detailed letter about your issues addressed to:

Activision Publishing Inc. 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90405

Currently, there is no direct email address to contact Activision support by email. While Activision offers quite a few ways to contact their support team, these options may be incredibly time-consuming and most of them leave it in the hands of the customer to figure out the problem for themselves.

DoNotPay believes that the customer should never have to attempt to fix the problem they are experiencing on their own that is what customer services departments are there for. Our Customer Service product is guaranteed to help get you in touch with Activision support without having to take any unnecessary steps or leaving you feeling like you don't have the help you need to fix your problem. To get started, follow the steps below!

How Can DoNotPay Help You Contact Activision Customer Service?

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Our Customer Service product can help you reach Activision support in just 4 simple steps:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do to Help You Out?

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