Smart Hack That'll Get Your Zipcar Fees Waived

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Smart Hack That'll Get Your Zipcar Fees Waived

If you use the car-sharing service Zipcar you probably have noticed that in addition to your monthly or annual membership fee and car use rates there are other fees as well. You may not know that you can or anywhere else that you do business quickly, easily, and successfully. We are going to look at some of the fees charged by Zipcar and your options for fighting those fees.

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The Cost of Zipcar Membership

Zipcar has a that must be paid either monthly or annually. Whichever way you choose to pay the membership will include the same benefits. The cost of membership is $9 monthly or $90 yearly.

What Is Included

Zipcar membership includes:

  • secondary insurance coverage while using their vehicles
  • vehicle maintenance
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • free gas
  • 180 miles per day

Car Usage Rates

When you schedule a car you will need to pay a car usage fee which will average around $11 per hour or $91.50 per day depending on the car you wish to use. There is also a fee of $0.58 per mile for miles over the 180 per day included with membership.

Additional Zipcar Fees

When using Zipcar you should be aware that there are other fees you may be charged as well. These are some of the other that you may be responsible for paying.

1. Application Fee

The application fee is $25 and is non-refundable. This must be paid whether your application is accepted or denied and it covers the cost of pulling your driving record for review.

2. Business Account Set-up

There is a one-time fee of $75 to set up a new business account. This covers the costs of setting up the account and is non-refundable.

3. Young Driver Fee

Drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 will pay higher vehicle usage rates due to their inexperience.

AgeAdditional Fees
18-20$1.25 per hour or $15 per day
21-24$0.88 per hour or $12.50 per day

4. Late Return Fee

If you return the vehicle late you will be charged for the extra time used plus $50 per hour up to $150.

5. Cancellation Fee

There is no fee to cancel if you do so in the proper time period. If you fail to give enough notice you will be responsible for paying the full amount of the trip as scheduled.

  • For trips of less than eight hours, you must cancel three hours or more before the scheduled start time.
  • For trips of more than eight hours, you must cancel 24 hours or more before the scheduled start time.

6. Low-Fuel Fee

Vehicles returned with less than a quarter of a tank of gas will cause a fee of $30 to be added to your account.

7. Retrieval Fee

If the vehicle is not returned and must be retrieved by Zipcar there will be a charge of $139.

8. Roadside Assistance For Driver Error

There is a charge of $139 when roadside assistance is required due to an error of the driver such as running out of gas.

9. Violations

Any violation that requires an employee from Zipcar to go to the vehicle will cause a charge of $50 to be added to your account. Violations include smoking in the vehicle, pet hair in the vehicle, or other poor conditions.

Appealing Zipcar Fees

If you want to appeal your fees at Zipcar the website is not really clear on how to do so. You can request a refund of out-of-pocket expenses that should have been covered by your membership. There are no instructions for appealing a fee that you have been charged. You can attempt to contact customer service with your username and password in the Zipcar help center.

Use DoNotPay to Appeal Zipcar Fees

If you do not have time to try speaking to customer service through the online form then DoNotPay has the fight and waive fees product to assist you.

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to appeal fees:

  1. On the DoNotPay website search "appeal fees", choose the Fight and Waive Fees product, and the type of fee you want to appeal.

  2. Choose where you want to appeal fees and enter the details of your transaction, include an associated account if you have one.

  3. Submit! DoNotPay will generate the best argument for your case and make sure your fee waiver request gets sent.

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