The Easiest Way to Dispute Varo Transactions

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How to Dispute Varo Transactions Fast

As we continue to develop into a global society, more of us keep moving away from cash and checks, conducting our financial transactions with a debit or credit card. Though these electronic methods don't come without problems and risks, they measure as very efficient for the most part.

Though only about one percent of electronic charges end up as disputes, one percent represents over 100 million transactions a year.

How DoNotPay Helps You Resolve Transaction Disputes Faster

Having to deal with charge disputes and refunds creates frustration for the customer and expenses for the banks. Some of the variables that set the stage for problems regarding charge disputes include the following:

  • Online shopping and vacation shopping leads to geographic disparities between the merchant and the processing bank.
  • Most banks put transactions above $25 through the system, causing over-processing of disputes.
  • The complex process of handling disputes depends on human interaction and judgment.

As the first robotic lawyer company, of dealing with the mechanics and the frustrating process of disputing a charge transaction by handling the details.

How to Dispute Your Charge With DoNotPay

Your busy life doesn't allow for making numerous calls, keeping track of emails, and hunting down other information to ensure your account stays clear of unauthorized charges and billing errors. At DoNotPay, we will do the work for you and deal with the communications between Varo and the merchant.

Examples of why to dispute chargesOf course, no one wants to pay for a service or merchandise that measures as inadequate or wasn't received at all. Reasons to dispute charges include the following:
  • Unauthorized charges may represent fraudulent activity
  • Billing errors may happen, especially when accounts payable procedures involve human interaction
  • A charge that exceeds the amount agreed upon by the merchant and the customer
  • A charge that shows as processed twice
  • A charge that remains on the account after the customer cancels the purchase
  • A credit did not post for a returned item or canceled service
  • The customer never received the item or used the service
  • The product arrived damaged or defective
  • The customer already paid with an alternative source such as cash or a check

Follow these simple steps to allow DoNotPay assist you in getting an immediate refund

  1. Bring up DoNotPay in your web browser.
  2. Select the 'File a Chargeback' option.
  3. Use the chatbox to provide your bank's details.
  4. Provide the name of the merchant.
  5. Continue the process by providing further details.

Basic Information Surrounding Varo Bank

Founded by Colin Walsh and Kayla Klymenko in 2015, Varo Bank operates on a neo platform as a digital form of banking. Today, the institution serves over a million clients, both individuals and businesses.

NerdWallet reports a 4.0 rating for Varo Bank. Its perks consist of no monthly fees, a graduated tier level of interest with relatively high yields, no overdraft fees, and early payroll deposits.

Conversely, Varo limits the number of cash deposits, requires high savings amounts, and limits the number of external transfers to $10,000 monthly.

How to Dispute a Charge With Varo Bank

Here are some things to keep in mind for when you need to dispute a charge with Varo Bank.

  1. Make it a habit to check your statement minimally once a month. If you've traveled, you should check your account shortly after returning home.
  2. Report any discrepancies promptly. Contact Varo via email at: You may also call them at 1-877-377-8276 from Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 9 PM EST.
  3. The transaction must first post before filing a dispute. Pending transactions often come off the account without further action. If you're unsure of the pending charge, you should still report it, however.
  4. Make sure to receive physical and electronic receipts of all types involving purchases and refunds of merchandise and services. You may need documentation for the charge dispute process.
  5. When making donations to organizations, make sure to ask how the charge will appear on your bill.
  6. Watch your account history and messages once you file a dispute. This step will help to avoid unnecessary calls.

With the number of disputes filed every year, resolutions often take weeks or, in some cases, months. Varo customers report a relatively timely turnaround.

When to Expect Your Refund from Varo Bank:

Varo aims to turn dispute claims around within 48 hours. However, the charge may remain on your account for up to seven days.

Issues With the Charge Dispute Process for Varo Bank

Customers report frustrations with everything from time spent on hold while communicating on the phone to overall processing time. Preparing documentation and tracking the progress also requires a commitment on the customer's part.

Varo requires a mandatory closing of that card when an unauthorized charge appears and then issues the customer a new card. Many customers also use their cards for auto payroll deposits, especially those who work in the service industry, such as Uber drivers, delivery drivers, and grocery shoppers. If the new card doesn't arrive before the payroll deposit goes into the account, the customer can't access those payroll funds. Of course, most people count on those checks for rent, food, and other bills

DoNotPay Can Help With Chargebacks, Refunds, and Other Financial Matters

At DoNotPay, we will help you of all sizes. Aside from that, if any company declines to issue a refund, we can help get a chargeback on the transaction. We can help with chargebacks such as:

In addition to your everyday purchases, you can count on DoNotPay to help with chargebacks regarding your airline and travel expenses. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many find our services save them time and money.

DoNotPay also offers a virtual credit card service that ties into your credit card and gives you an alternative payment method when you're unable to access your regular credit or debit card.

To learn more about the mission of DoNotPay and what we can do for your financial future

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