How to File a Formal Complaint Against Travis Perkins In 4 Steps

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How to File a Formal Complaint Against Travis Perkins In 4 Steps

Travis Perkins is a popular choice for building and home improvement materials and supplies throughout the UK. If you purchased a product or hired a service from Travis Perkins and were disappointed with your product, service, or warranty, you may want to call the department.

We will guide you through contacting Travis Perkins complaints department and making a formal complaint. We will help you find the right contact information to resolve your problem with Travis Perkins. You can also use DoNotPay to skip the wait on the phone and send a formal complaint to get compensation.

Some of the companies we have helped our users reach out to for compensation include:

How to Contact the Travis Perkins Complaints Department

If you have a problem with a about a warranty, delivery, product, or service, you can contact customer service to make a complaint. Travis Perkins offers several avenues for you to reach out to them, including by phone, in-person, and online. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of contacting the Travis Perkins complaints department, you can streamline your communication using DoNotPay.

Contact Travis Perkins In-Person

If you live in proximity to one of the many Travis Perkins locations across the UK, you can likely go to a store and speak with a customer service representative to resolve your issue. Often going to the shop in person allows you to get a quick refund or exchange if a product is not as described. Find your nearest Travis Perkins branch using this branch locator. You can also call your local Travis Perkins branch for more information, directions, and complaints.

Contact Travis Perkins by Phone or Online

If you don’t have the time to drive back to the store, you can make a complaint to Travis Perkins online or over the phone. You can make a complaint by email. If you need assistance with a Travis Perkins account, log in to make changes or requests. If you decide to call Travis Perkins, you can call general customer support by phone at 0330 123 3846. If your complaint is more specific, you can call the delivery, product, or account department for faster assistance.

The following table includes helpful contact information to help you file your Travis Perkins complaints:

How to Reach Travis Perkins Customer Support

Name or Department Email Support Phone Number
General Customer 123 3846
Cancel a Service
Supplier Direct 684 284
TP Direct 684 284
Delivery 123 3846

If you are having trouble getting through to the right department, use DoNotPay, and find a solution the stress-free way.

Reasons to Contact Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins customers contact Travis Perkins for a variety of reasons.

We find that the top 7 reasons customers call Travis Perkins to make a complaint are:

  1. Warranty complaints, claims, and other issues
  2. Poor customer service in-store or over the phone
  3. A product or service did not meet the expectations set in the advertisement
  4. Delayed or late deliveries
  5. Missing or damaged deliveries
  6. Failure to deliver on a service hire
  7. Broken or unmaintained tool hire

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If contacting the Travis Perkins complaints department is frustrating, DoNotPay has a fast, easy, and convenient way to resolve your issue. The Customer Service Issues service from DoNotPay can help you resolve any issue with Travis Perkins and get you compensation quickly.

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