How to File a Complaint Against TravelUp and Hear Back Today

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How to File a Complaint Against TravelUp and Hear Back Today

One of the best parts of life is going on a vacation or travelling somewhere new, but travel expenses can add up quickly. That's why many people rely on travel sites, like Travel Up, to book their trips and save money. Unfortunately, Travel Up isn't always perfect, but filing has never been easier with DoNotPay. If you have tried using Travel Up and were disappointed with the results, DoNotPay can help you file a complaint in minutes. You don't even have to worry about tracking down a customer support line or talking to someone on the phone! Learn more about how DoNotPay can help you below.

Filing a Travel up Complaint on Your Own

If you want to file a on your own, you can do so by contacting customer support. Travel Up has different contact information for the following four categories:

  1. New flight reservations
  2. Flight customer services
  3. New hotel reservations
  4. Hotel customer services

You can connect with any of the above categories by calling. If you decide to contact Travel Up's customer support by phone or email, you may find yourself on hold for hours or waiting for a written response for several business days. Save time by using DoNotPay instead!

How to Reach Travel Up Customer Support
WebsiteCustomer Support Page
EmailSend A Message
Phone Number0118-956-6464

Alternative Options for Filing a Complaint

If you have tried contacting Travel Up yourself to no avail, there are a couple of other options you can try to submit your complaint. Many companies don't take customer complaints seriously until they are escalated with the following methods:

Financial Ombudsman Service

Ombudsman services help customers by further investigating complaints with a company, and they work free of charge. You can contact an ombudsman if you have already contacted the company but haven't received word back within approximately two months. Ombudsman services typically won't take on your case if:

  • Your case is old and is past the ombudsman service's cut-off due date
  • You have already taken the company you are complaining about to court
  • You requested a private sector ombudsman for a public sector issue and vice versa

To learn more about ombudsman services, and to find one in your area, visit the Citizen's Advice page on the topic.

ADR Schemes

ADR, or alternative dispute resolution, is a service that also investigates complaints between consumers and companies and helps both parties agree on how to resolve the issue. There are numerous ADR organizations in the UK, and some specialize in certain companies and disputes, like telecoms, energy, and financial services. Do some research to find the ADR organization that best suits your situation before proceeding. Despite their overall helpfulness, using ombudsman or ADR services can still take up plenty of time and effort, and they may not produce the results you are looking for. Luckily, DoNotPay offers another way.

Filing Complaints in an Instant With DoNotPay

Whether you tried the above options, or you don't feel like putting in the effort to file a complaint the old way, DoNotPay can make the whole process far easier. If Travel Up, or any other company, failed to provide you with the service you expect, you can use DoNotPay to file a complaint in just a few minutes by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your DoNotPay account or sign up for the service if using it for the first time
  2. Locate and click on the "File a Complaint" service
  3. Choose the best option from the list that most accurately describes the problem you experienced with Travel Up
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts, and give as much detail as possible about your complaint
  5. Upload supporting documents when applicable
  6. Once finished, click the "Submit" button

After you have submitted your request, you can sit back and relax while you wait to get a response from the company. DoNotPay will make the very best case on your behalf to hold Travel Up accountable and potentially get you a refund or discount on future purchases. If you have other complaints to file, head back to DoNotPay and repeat the above steps!

How Else Can DoNotPay Help Me?

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