How To Send a Tennessee Inmate Package

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Sending a TN Inmate Package

When you think about your incarcerated loved one all alone in their prison cell, your heart probably sinks. You wonder how you can make their time a little bit more bearable. Sending inmate packages is an awesome way to make a prisoner happy and aware that someone on the outside is thinking about them. Why not surprise your prison pen pal with a birthday or a Christmas present?

Writing letters to inmates or calling them can also help show your support.

DoNotPay is here to help you because we care about people, and especially those who have been wronged by the system.

Rules on Tennessee Inmate Package Sending

Tennessee has strict rules about care packages delivery. The rules differ depending on the facility and prison unit. Tennessee also has strict regulations on when you can send a package. You’ll find the information about the package ordering schedule in the table below:

Correctional Facility

Category by Which You Can Order a Package—Month During Which You Can Send One

Northeast Correctional Complex

  • Medium/Minimum and Close Units—one package every three months

Northwest Correctional Complex

  • Minimum—February, May, August, and November
  • Medium—March, June, September, and December
  • Close/Maximum—April and October

Turney Center Industrial Complex

  • Minimum restricted, direct, trusty units—January, April, July, and October
  • Medium—May, August, February, and November
  • Close/Maximum—March and September
  • No orders in June and December

Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility

  • Minimum—January, April, July, and October
  • Medium—May, February, August, and November
  • Close/Maximum—July and December

Riverbend Maximum Security Institution

  • Minimum/Medium—January, April, July, and October
  • Close—August and February
  • Maximum—March and September
  • Death Row—May, August, February, and November

Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center

  • All Housing Units—you can send a package every three months. Three months are counted from the last date of a package delivery

West Tennessee State Penitentiary

  • Minimum Restricted, Minimum Direct, and Minimum Trustee—January, May, July, and October
  • Close and Maximum—August and February
  • Medium—March, June, September, and November

Whiteville Correctional Facility

    • Last Number of TDOC# from zero to three—January, April, July, and October
  • Last Number of TDOC# from four to six—February, May, August, and November
  • Last Number of TDOC# from seven to nine—March, June, September, and December

South Central Correctional Facility

  • Minimum/Medium—one package every three months
  • Close/Maximum—March and September

Trousdale Turner Correctional Center

  • Last Name Letter from A to H—January, April, July, and October
  • Last Name Letter from H to P—February, May, August, and November
  • Last Name Letter from Q to Z—March, June, September, and December

Morgan County Correctional Complex

  • Unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 21—February, May, August, and November
  • Unit 17, 18, 19, and 27—March, June, September, and December
  • Unit 22 and 23—January, April, July, and October
  • Unit 24, 25, and 26—April and October

Bledsoe County Correctional Complex

  • All housing units—one package every three months

Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Center

  • Minimum—February, May, August, and November
  • Medium—March, June, and September
  • Close—April and October

Hardeman County Correctional Facility

  • Last name letter from A to G—January, April, July, and October
  • Last name letter from H to P—February, May, August, and November
  • Last name letter from Q to Z—March, June, September, and December

How To Send Union Supply Direct Inmate Packages

All items in the Union Supply Direct shop are approved by the Tennessee Department of Corrections. You can safely purchase your care package and surprise your loved one.

You can purchase packages at the Union Supply Direct via cashier’s check, money order, or a Visa, Discovery, or MasterCard credit card. To place your order, you need to create an account. Once you register, follow these steps to place your order:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Enter the inmate ID and click on Search
  3. Select during which quarter you want your package delivered
  4. Click on Continue
  5. Select the items you want to include in your package
  6. Tap on Continue to Checkout

The time of delivery depends on the time of order. You can control this by choosing the quarter that will deliver your package the fastest.

How Can DoNotPay Help You Stay in Touch With Your Incarcerated Loved Ones?

DoNotPay can help you find an inmate in any state, write the prisoner a personalized letter, and send it without walking out the door. With our Connect With an Inmate feature, you’ll also be able to receive letters from your incarcerated loved ones to your Virtual Mailbox.

Check out how to address a letter to an inmate, and find some sample letters of encouragement to send your love and support to your friend or family member in jail.

If you don’t know where your loved one is, DoNotPay will help you locate them. All you need to do is create an account on DoNotPay in any , and you can start using all our fantastic features.

Locate Your Friend, Family Member, or Pen Pal Quickly and Easily With DoNotPay

If you want to send a letter or a package to an inmate, you need to know their location. DoNotPay will help you learn it in five minutes. We cover all types of facilities—state, county, federal, and ICE detention centers.

Follow these steps to find the prison your loved one is being held at:

  1. Find the Connect With an Inmate feature
  2. Tap on Locate Someone
  3. Type in the inmate’s full name and the state they’re currently in
  4. Click on Enter

DoNotPay will find the inmate for you, and you don’t even have to know their birth date, inmate ID, prison unit, or facility address. We’ll present you with their current location.

Create a Personalized Letter and Send It Without Any Trouble With DoNotPay’s Assistance

You can use our app to create a heartwarming letter that can be styled in any way you like. You can wish your loved one a happy birthday, merry Christmas, or any other seasonal holiday. Sending letters through DoNotPay is one of the easiest methods because you don’t have to queue at the post office, and you can’t write wrong information on the envelope if you use our app. You just need to write your letter, and we’ll cover the rest.

Do the following to send your letter to a prisoner:

  1. Open the Connect With an Inmate feature
  2. Select Send a Personalized Letter
  3. Follow the steps that our chatbot will provide you with—entering the inmate’s name and ID
  4. Write your letter
  5. Tap Enter

You can also upload a photo and attach it to your letter. Keep in mind that sexual and explicit content isn’t allowed.

DoNotPay will print your letter and send it.

Use the Virtual Mailbox To Receive Letters From Your Loved Ones in Prison

You sent a letter to your incarcerated loved one, but what happens when they write a response? Letters can get lost in the mail, and paper is easily destroyed, but there is a way you can ensure that your letters are received.

With DoNotPay’s Virtual Mailbox feature, you can receive a prisoner’s letters in their digitized version. Once they write the letter, they should send it to an address where it will be scanned and sent to you. After you set up your Virtual Mailbox, you’ll be able to receive your loved one’s answers fuss-free.

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